Pokemon farming game spin-off when?

Pokemon farming game spin-off when?

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Just play pokéclicker

like 15 years ago

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>Rune Factory
>New SERIES in development
what are they plotting

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i have no idea, and it might suck ass but ill still end up dumping 700+ hours into it because farming games are my fucking life

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About 14 years ago

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I know you weren't alive when that game came out, zoomer, but just because it has "Ranch" in the title doesn't make it a farming game.

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Pokemon Wilds
What the fuck happened with that game?

I hate Nintendo

Gen 4 is firmly in the zoomer era.

Closest we’ll ever get is berry farming and that hasn’t been in the games for generations

Spinoffs are dead because this travesty of a fanbase would rather preorder all of Game Freak's trash and whale for anime PNGs in Masters than buy the actual good games.

Hopefully it's better than Rune Factory 5. That game was a downgrade even from Frontier/Oceans

i want to play all of these except Harvestella. SE cannot do anything right anymore. That first trailer looked like the most boring but pretty shit

Never, as that would require, at minimum, a small ensemble of around 20 characters with well-defined personalities, goals, backstory, self-urgency and progression ONTOP of all the Pokemon. TPC would never.

Pokemon Masters is still a spinoff, so are Go, Cafe and Unite

>only 5 switch games announced

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It was farm simulator direct indeed

No. Is the only game with compatibility with the core games and with a pokedex in home.

I recall spending hours playing this fangame as a kid, what was it called?

Pokemon Wilds