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scalpers, youtubers, investorfags and schizos get the rope

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Xatu gang gang gang

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Mail day.

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I dig it, user.

I wish I could get my hands on some of the Indonesian cards. They have a sort of hybrid between the Asian and western card design.

Best girl/boy

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What do you guys think of damaged cards, like pic related? Is it a deal breaker for picking up a card you like?

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I suspect some jogger or equivalent to a jogger stole a 1st edition psa 10 zard. He was selling it online on fb marketplace for 1K USD and eventually took the listing down since it got reported multiple times. The number associated with the psa grade was visible, can I just ask psa to put me in contact with the owner of that specific card if I give them the number?

I checked and the card isn’t deactivated.

the only time I've bought even an MP card (1st ed fossil raichu) is when a guy tossed it in with another card I was buying (1st ed fossil dragonite) for $5. i didn't plan to buy it ahead of time, he just happened to pull it out when i bought the dragonite, and i thought "why not?"

but i'd never seek out and buy a damaged card. better off saving that money for a decent copy

oh you're always saying that

>more than double the hp
>double the attack power
What happened? Why is normal typhlosion so weak and pathetic?

Before I started browsing this thread 3 or so years ago, i was okay with what is colloquially known as 'LP', but since then I can only buy nm. It also made me look at my childhood cards differently because they're all lp. I mean i'd never get rid of them anyway but still
Light whitening is where I draw the line, normally but it depends on the price to card ratio. Like if someone was selling that blastoise in your pic for $20, yeah i'd probably buy it.

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This is the first post I made on here and the last thread no one responded

Because nobody cares and you just sound like a karen

stop posting poor people shit

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Holy shit. This makes me feel better about my favorite card (full art Keldeo EX) being bent on the corner. How does this even happen?

That isn't even worth $.50, what the fuck.

So are you? When you can show me ONE (1) First Edition PSA10 card, then you can claim otherwise. But until then you are no better than the people you criticize, LMFAO

>still buying modern

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