It's over

It's over

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What's the issue? Use rentals.

Ok, I keked

it's not like most people have gen 1 or 2 games primed and ready to transfer
the vast majority of people would oni use transfers anyways
pokemon fans have a horrible habit of compulsive attitudes

As long as the pigs eat it anyway, it will never be over

didn't they put bry on the virtual console and realease a ton of shit for the anniversary like a 2ds and stuff



yeah like 6 years ago, but the 3ds eshop is getting shut down so it won't be an option

So this is the power of the annual 15.99 Pokemon HOME subscription.. This is where all the money has been going, I see! ...wait you can't actually transfer over Pokemon to VC Stadium even though the HOME app is right there on the Switch next to it?


A lot of the games later challenges are much more difficult and rentals are not fit for them, an example being the 2nd rival fight in 2 where they use 3 legendaries back to back.

Your joke went so far above these retards heads lmao

They can still be Trains though right! RIGHT!

weird that they released this before the GB emulator that already got leaked

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*Subject to change*

what the fuck are you talking about

Trainbros... it's over...

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as long as pigs continue to eat slop, Game Freak will continue to make slop. So Pokemon will go one forever.

>what is the azumarill line

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Anything related to Gen 3 is irrelevant

that's a stupid analogy for this, because nothing is getting made and I can't imagine anyone is spending money just for it

trans allegory?

Retarded tranny consoomerist kys

The entire point of Stadium is being an extension of the GB games and seeing your teams in 3D and battling at a much higher level of difficulty with them, it functions as the post game for gen 1 and 2.
If you don't have a gen 1 or 2 save, you start one to play these games. That's how it works.
You sure try hard to miss the point just to jump at a chance to defend a shitty company though.

And only sold a collective 1.5m copies of it. People are done with buying older roms, more people bought LGPE, to piss about in kanto on Switch, that were fucked buying Yellow to re-live their childhood on the GB. Expect remakes and re-imaginings from now on - when they can earn many, MANY times more dollars for selling a new game retelling a past game's story in some fashion, what's the point in pushing backwards compatibility for hardware the general public by-and-large ignored except for two iterations at the start and in the blue ocean strategy days?

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His own fault for making it the day the manchildren are shitting themselves over its release conditions.


you're not making any sense user, I literally have no idea what you're talking about
get your head out of your ass, we aren't in there

Has been fixed ages ago.

underestimated post

Just touch a Leaf or Sun stone depending on whatever you want to be, fucking retarded flower

I'm not defending any company, just looking at the situation realistically instead of letting my imagination make me angry.
Where do people expect to transfer their pokemon from, exactly?