Explain this

Explain this

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Why is he not real
He would be my favorite pokemon

a mongoose

The writer said it was an error on the fault of the animation staff

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>animals are extinct and appear only as legends
Now I want to hear the "Legend of Mongoose" that Gastly knows.

Shudo was a hack.

Animation errors are common enough in animated media. Shudo was perfectly aware that they didn't exist and didn't incorporate them into the script. You're looking at an animation error from artists who probably aren't familiar with the series vs someone who was in charge of writing the anime. There's a reason those types of scenes pretty much disappeared once the anime had better control over its own production.

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>the man who worte the scene delfected blame onto grunts who couldn't defend themselves
Quelle surprise, he was already getting shit for hat he did try to do, small wonder he wasn't brave enough to own up to what he did do.

>There's a reason those types of scenes pretty much disappeared once the anime had better control over its own production.
You mena in Gen 3, when TPC took over overwatch on the anime and they kicked the mentally unstable, bitter man out of their kid's anime, after he'd tried to write a pokémon revolution uprising?
Yeah, because they'd kicked out the looney behind the wheel trying to make the series all about him, instead of doing his fucking job (he didn't have the remit to make a new 'mon, yet Sugi had to come along and fix up his retardation all the same).
Shudo was a frustrated beaker, desperate for adulation but too mentally unstable to deserve it.

>ordered to draw Zapdos or some shit
>draws a mangoose instead

How could this even happen?

>animals don't exist in the pokemon univers-ACK

the anime being non canon

that shit would make a fine pokemon tho


Regardless of how you feel about Shudo his blog is one of the best sources when it comes to the development of the early anime. I see no reason to doubt what he says. If he's telling us real critters don't exist and he doesn't write them in his scripts it's probably because he was told they don't exist.

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>I see no reason to doubt what he says
It's one man's viewpoint vs the reality of the situation, which is the events of what happened from when he got picked up to when he got let go.
That he had a mental episode and went off on a booze and pills kick to cope (over something as minor as a gender change for a pokémon, unless of course Lugia was a stand-in for something else entirely more closely related to the writer than he admitted before he kicked it) also calls into question his telling of the events, as undoubtedly he wouldn't share his motivations for the trip, just that he went on the trip, so it's guaranteed he wouldn't share anything that could paint him in a negative light and those who know are too honourable to speak ill of the dead.

Indian elephants were referenced in Raichu's pokedex entry as recently as gen 7. The argument that "it's just a reference to elephant type Pokemon" doesn't work here, because it's a reference to a specific subspecies of elephant. So clearly Shudo is mistaken and real animals exist in the Pokemon world, otherwise Gamefreak would have fixed that dex entry.

You mean like they did after they introduced an indian elephant-inspired pokémon?

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No, the Indian Elephant was most likely a Pokémon. We know for a fact Pokémon uses terms we use in the real world and applies them to Pokémon like how you can call a Zorua a Fox and so does the NPC. I see no reason to doubt Shudo since he was working directly with the people working on the series. In fact after reading the translation for Tajiri manga biography I have little reasons to doubt him, not only because Tajiri himself starts to see Pokémon as being more like critters, in particular cata and dogs, but also because he rewrote the entire script of the game. It's here where I think they got rid of real life critters and why there's a big difference between the 1996 pokedex guide and what we got in game. Shudo was also writing for the anime in 1997 so this just tells me they got rid of real critters before the games even released.

Again how does him saying any of that tarnish his reputation? Look at the production of any cartoon or anime, animation errors are common enough. The fact that he was aware of it when writing scripts is enough for me especially since he was in charge of all the writing. His own wild ideas like the revolt were his own.

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Pokemon uses terms like "elephant" or "fox". "Indian elephant" takes it to another level because it references a very specific subspecies, and a real world location.

He's an unreliable narrator and is only presenting a single side. Treating him like gospel truth is stupid, especially when the best of the absolute best, the peak of performance in any job or discipline (not just animation but life in general) can be brutally honest about their failures and fuck-ups because they hold themselves to a "no bullshit" standard, they lived or died by their own actions. All the rest? Find excuses, shift blame and in general skirt the reasons for the failure, as they're not so good they can stand up and 'fess up. The fact he pissed off Game Freak/Sugi by overstepping his mark, before then getting so big a head he thought he could make his own OC story, flying in the face of the whole concept off the IP shows he's not telling all that went on.

>have a move in the game that literally shits out an egg for your pokemon to eat
i hate the vegan agenda
i hate the vegan agenda
i hate the vegan agenda
i hate the vegan agenda

I've been in snake threads enough to know where this is going

it's a yungoos, trainers just cpuldn't identify it beyond the vague silhouette because Silph hadn't invented the alola scope yet

>before then getting so big a head he thought he could make his own OC story, flying in the face of the whole concept off the IP
If Shudo was allowed to make his Pokemon uprising movie, the franchise would be known as a game changer for the monster catching genre to this day, just like Mimky Momo was for the magical girl genre, although Shudo claims the ending to that series wasn't actually his idea. And if Pokemon continued afterwards, it would end up as a higher quality series than what we have today.

Don't forget "The American Lightning".

But humans eat pokemon in gen 7, shamelessly too. They also mention pokemon eating each others

Remember that real world countries were a thing in Gen I. The anime even featured real life locations so Indian Elephant could just be a Pokémon from India. I find no reason to doubt this especially given how openly real critters are mentioned in the 1996 pokedex, and it freely uses the term "animal", but those references are completely absent in the original games.

In his blog he's posted old scripts he kept around. What appears on-screen is out of his control, that is in the realm of the animators, not on the script writers and, again, he was perfectly aware of the guidelines as he couldn't add flies or mosquitoes as part of a gag because they had no Pokémon equal.

The Indian elephant thing is in gen 7 too.