I will continue to say, PALDEA IS NOT BASED ON SPAIN BUT ON MOROCCO. There are no official statements claiming Paldea is based on Spain, the evidence points to MOROCCO, open your fucking eyes.

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Retarded sandnigger.

You are aware that Morocco invaded Spain and left a lot of its culture, even after its expulsion.

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Fucking Visigoths can't keep their shit together.

Nah all it left is architectural influences in Andalusia and some Arabic words in Spanish

Grafaiai's entire trailer is based on Spain's Oma Forest.

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There are no white people in Morocco, user. It'd be like a Nigeria region because half white with the NPCs shown so far.

Visigoths were razed by the Romans back then, the remnants were just little villages lying around and afar from one another.

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It's the pokemon-world, not the real world

Why would Poke-Morocco be full of whites instead of black people? Your argument doesn't make sense.

Because Japan, you know.
Moroccan Street Artist

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>"a lot of its culture"
You wish. Their weak as shit subhumanry can't really influence anyone but fellow subhumans, which is why the biggest impact they had in Spain was the mutting of their horrendous genetics.


>Because Japan
Japan hasn't done this before with any other region.


Yes, there are a lot of blacks in New York, but most people around appear white. Unova supports my argument because it reflects reality.

The Sahara is in Africa you moran


Check out Hawaii's demographics, it's mostly asians and whites with Hawaiians being a minority.

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Have you ever been in Spain recently? Or are you talking bullshit just because? Right now they're the dominant culture in some parts of Spain.

Uh, yeah? Hawiians are Polynesian. What's this post arguing now?

Game freak will never make a game where most of the characters are black and you know it

Everyone in Paldea is fucking ugly though, it’s Spain.

It's not Morocco, spell the name properly:


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