Absolute state of white women

>women accuses you of violent assaulting her during sex
>turns out she filmed you in bed
>she had no injuries and had a smug bitchy smile

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>Absolute state of white women
Are you making a statement about yourself?

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He relaxed around women, rookie mistake

this is why I refuse to ever have sex with a woman

trevor bauer is the most insufferable man in baseball who campaigned himself into a massive suspension this year. total clown

Trevor Bauer is a piece of shit and deserves a slow and painful death.

t. Astros fan.

that gif lmao

bruises take a while to show up, but emotional injuries last forever. thankfully, studies show frequent, targeted applications of cash speed the healing process.

This is why i only have sex with men now. I'm not even gay.

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It has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a homosexual?

I used to think Muslims were crazy because they required 4 male witnesses to confirm woman's rape accusation.

white women moment


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well maybe a little

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Don’t forget, the were uncovered texts between the girl and her sister talking about the trip they were going to take before she even met Bauer too.

What a fucking royal cunt

>construct a system where a bitch has everything to gain from false accusations and nothing to loose
>why do we have false accusations bros?
just change the fucking laws already

Kek muh sides

one more reason to only ever fuck tight male bussy again

the mistake you made that's causing the downfall of your society was giving women rights,

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i hate women

Bros my cheating whore of an exfiance who I broke up with and had ghost me texted and called me last night for the first time in 8 months bros I fucking hate women so much

thank you chocolate bar

>the guy admits theres a cheating problem in mlb is a piece of shit
>why yes i am a fan of the team that cheated to two world series, how did you know?

Women of all races are crazy, but white women seem to be worse because they are so confident about getting away with everything. They have no shame, and no limit

I don’t believe that any male created, male designed and male manufactured technology can accurately record a woman’s lived experience and her truth.