''China can't build jet engine''

Holy jesus so what the fuck are these?

>Muh China can't build jet engine

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J-20 jet engine right here.

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Mutt be like
>it's all photoshopped since Chyna can't make high-tech

Changsha skyscraper didn't collapse
>it's all faked since Made In Chyna!


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Yeah, we're constantly talking about this, how china can't build a jet engine. Every few hours there's another thread about it. For years, and years, we've been saying it.
It's almost a mantra around here.
Then BAM out of nowhere, China comes flying out of the blue with - guess what?
Jet engines!
What the heck China?

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based cardboard CGI plane

You're addressing simpletons who think in 1s and 0s.

You are right. And these CGI planes are arriving at Moscow lol

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I hope they build some cool shit and bomb us. I should have died in a war 10 years ago, and I would be honored to get the opportunity to kill chinks for my country

brave memeflag defending china. too bad he’s too much of a bitch to defend his own country.

You can't because you won't fight a real human but millions of drones on your head

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You can't never wake up a man pretending to sleep

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>can’t never
can only assume you’re some african shitskin. daddy xi build you a new bridge?

You guess pajeet. How is being a cleaner?

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looks familiar...

You send your students here to go to our universities and then join our corporations so that you can steal our technology. That's what you do. You copy others. You don't create original thoughts.

Can confirm because I fucked a lot of info out of gook spooks at the local university. The big white cock goes deeper than their deep cover.

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muh familiar mutt.

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Yellow fever you got since day 1 huh

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On look, another stolen design from the US. Chinks can only copy success.

oh look, it's the plane sperg who shill for daddy xi again...

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brown can't fuck yellow. It's a universal principle you cucked lil pump.

Muh stolen from the US. Guess you mutts failed to steal their hypersonic missiles right? LOl

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Cope all you want, but your female students get piped by the white man all day every day.

Also since you're a newfag shill, you should be aware that your replies aren't bumping your own thread, so you don't need to reply to me (white, 100% western european) twice.

You must fail in geography lol.

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Kek, you european dogs have been stealing chinese technology since you were living it straw huts while china had advanced civilizations going back 5 k years. Your days are numbered, the world order is changing. Western hegemony is crumbling.

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I actually thought there was a treaty banning nuclear weaopons from being alowed to enter a orbit
Is China a non-signatory?