Poland is buying 96 AH-64 Apache


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eurocopter on suicide watch

you are going to shoot toilets with that?

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They wouldn't tarnish a holy site like that.

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>Poland is buying 96 AH-64 Apache
1 for every year QE2 graced the planet?

Poor Poland wasting money on shiney stuff.
Literally niggers of Europe

seething you only got broomsticks?

>non-country got uppity again
And we will buy nothing German.

The German COPE about us is hilarious. You got buttufucked by Russia like we told you, you flushed your army down the drain despite being called out for not honoring agreements. And now you will freeze to death in darkness because you wanted to suck off you liberator grandfather Ivan. GET REKT GERM you are a literal nobody.

The only thing getting rekt is the polish economy.
Irrelvant shiihole led by monkeys

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Atleast our Shithole is Polish.
Your country becomes Shithole in the same time as it becomes Turkish

Not the hecking inflationerino in an export economy with own currency! You know that China artificially de-values their money for export reasons?
Meanwhile all those tanks, planes and bombs are paid with US Dolars from the military aid for Ukraine programs

quite oppose, poles are nobody

I identify as an attack helicopter

>polish economy

>y with own currency!

you are just looking at an illusion, your "currency" is directly coupled to the €, just as the Danish krone and the Swedish krona,

You shouldn't talk shit about country in 1000km distance to Moscow

from who the taliban?

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quite funny, buying a platform that only can perform when there is air superiority, and your air force just gave away most of their planes.

apex tanks and helis w/ f35s on the way. nice to have non schiz euros we can trust. germs already seething kek

>this is peak anglo humor
no wonder people consider you... not people.

Inflation is 10% in whole europe.
Also kek at saying that is lead by monkeys. I'm sure germans manage their country way better. I mean whoops.

>air force just gave away most of their planes
sure it happened

Too bad they can be taken down by an AK-47.

Based Poland, I give every Polish person a Churka word pass.

lel poland is buying useless outdated vehicles. Helicopters are trash-tier and niche as fuck

We spend money on everything

>Cargo cult: The country

just like tanks were before the Russian war?

MIGs will be replaced by FA-50
after all orders will be delivered, this is what Polish Air Force will look like:
48 FA-50
48 F-16
48 F-35
32 F-15EX
98 Apaches
(largest in Europe after Russia, but more modern than Russian)

after Russia and France*
of course, we also ordered many other military aircrafts, such as the C-130H