If you interfere theconsequences will be such asyou have never seen inyour entire history

>if you interfere theconsequences will be such asyou have never seen inyour entire history
>NATO openly interferes for 7 months
>Russia does nothing

I guess in their entire history NATO hasn’t seen such a cowardly enemy.

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Is Putler…dare I say it…a cuckold?

I wish americans actually got involved. It would be awesome to see mutt guts strewn about snowy fields

Kill yourself, goat fucker. You will NEVER see the demise of the West IN YOUR LIFE. Actually, it's YOU who's gonna end in this century. And your goat fucker religion

t. krug dvojke

Putin is and was laughing stock. Only the brainwashed Slavs still see him as strong. Because they dk any better. Full mind control

You won't do shit serbcuck. Islam is already about to take over Christianity in Europe

Šta krug dvojke? Ja sam s Kosova

Pfhahaha. Yea riiiight. You and what goat army. You're over. None of you will be left. And I'm not Serb. I'm German. Serbs are worse roaches than you

He's right, though. We've never seen complete inaction as a reaction from a supposed world power like Russia.

if nukes werent involved they'd desert storm the place due to logistics alone. The number of truck tonnage per soldier is unmatched by any other country

Untrue, russia spammed Any Forums in retaliation

t. šiptar

>Warsaw still standing
>Kiev still standing
>Vilnus still standing
>Helsinki still standing
>London still standing
>Washington still standing

Yea, I'm thinking the biggest cuck in Russia's history.

Never distract NATO when it is eating its young.

They also have the biggest tonnage per soldier.

>Islam is already about to take over Christianity in Europe
What a simpleton outlook, holy shit

>russia does nothing
so why is your economy collapsing?

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Ukrainian capture of Belgorod is just a feint…trust the method…

You think that's because of Russia? Are you retarded?

>Bulgaria kicks out 70 Russian workers from their embassy
Russians are pathetic.

Putler being cucklord doesn’t mean Gayropean leaders aren’t functionally retarded.

Nope. Janjevac. Većim delom Nemac, ali u popisu "Kosovski Hrvat" , jer sam Katolik

sure bro sanctions and subsequent energy crisis had totally nothing to do with that, must be global warming or something

znači ustaša

I am a non partisan observer, I have no dog in this fight.
It will not end well for ukraine no matter the outcome of the conflict.

Russia keeps drawing new lines in the sand.
Does nothing when the USA steps over it, or pisses on said line, while stepping over it.
I thought Putin had more balls, truth be told.
Russia has nukes, but not the balls to use them.
Kind of sad that they went from the cold war, to having fucking cold feet.

Pa, ne baš. Čist nacista, fašizam je za niže rase. Samo nacizam. Imam više od 85% nemačke krvi. Baba mi je Dunavska Švabica, a majka hrvatska

lol brate babu su ti silovali Ukrajinci

This guys a fucking meme, fat botox fag and russia is a meme """country""", its a federation so i dont even know if we can call it a nation. like if some fat fuck eu parliament homo tried to make 1 EU government, thats the current state of russia. sad shit.
Not my problem.

>China's last warning
Err, I mean Russia.

Ne baš. Imala je kolko.... 9 godina. I da su je silovali, nije ponela

remember when red lines weren't a meme?

U svakom slučaju, vi Sloveni niste ni BLIZU bezrepim majmunima. Daleeeeko daleko ispod njih

Technically time is on his side.
It doesn't matter what Nato does in Ukraine in the short term, what matters is that europe has no energy this winter.
Putin needs to endure until the warmongering narcissistic dictators in europe capitulate or their citizens decide to go visit them in their living places to remove them directly from power.
I doubt the police will be able to stop a mob of millions of hungry and poor people who have been cut off from energy and heating while these monsters keep living like kings.

Could that inflation be from the printed trillions of dollars/euro during the pandemic?
Sure, the limitation on imports from Russia also has an effect, but what I fund really funny is that Russia sells for dollars, which it then cannot use due to sanctions.
In essence, they are storing US inflation for free - another big brain moment for Putin.

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Sir I do protest, we are but simple bullet farmers selling our crop.

>Europeans will freeze
Yes, keep repeating Russian propaganda. That's the new cope for the next 5 months.