French Revolution

is the French Revolution where everything went wrong?

Jacobism, Illuminism, Liberalism, "Enlightenment", Masonry, etc.

seems like a direct attack on white institutions

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not sliding this one kikes

Yes, and it was done on purpose to prevent an American-style government in continental Europe

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The biggest most colorful pile of shit in human history.
>video related

American one came first

Too bad most of Any Forums are now retards who are entertained by politicians.

Not exactly, its when freemasons were created, they then made USA, french revolution, spanish empire fragmentation, etc.

The French bankers wanted a central bank, as the English’s had

The rest is dust and smoke to conceal this fact

A royal edict allowed them free movement in France.
A terrible decision; the latest harvests were bad.
The royal reserves grains got "contaminated"
Speculation exploded, grain price skyrocketed.
The people starved,
Then killed the king.

And today... The exact same thing...
War, prices exploding, as if they want you to topple your "kings"...

>is the French Revolution where everything went wrong?
Yes. Read this.

So when is the next coming, Françoise?

> never, because you already have a central bank

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it was the first complete subversion of European monarchy by jews

Yes. The revolution was the entrance of Globalism. The Jews tried to initiate it with Napoleon, but technology wasn't quite there yet. The Metric system is a Jewish Globalist trick.

You're conflating "whites" with "elites". "Rights of commoners" have become so pervasive that it's barely a subject of discussion or question anymore.

The commoners went back to their old rights in 1815

The Enlightenment is not all wrong, but it was excessive. Natsoc tried to curb the excesses of the enlightenment whilst keeping the good parts of it, mainly being a rejection of rank by birth and anyone of any social status can reach high ranks so long as they are competent.

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yes ,literally every single cancer of the modern world came from it ,from humanism to liberalism ,materialism , secularism ,communism , egalitarianism , feminism , emancipation of the jews ....

Malthusianism, today’s climate change, is clearly an English idea, though, developed around those days, 1798

I agree

This feels about right.

What the hell are we supposed to do then? Our governments are openly hostile to us. Most of our people now have permanently tainted, defiled blood because of them. How much worse does it have to get?

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Another great take, now how do we take from our current state and carve out another attempt at crushing our existing judiac slave system.

Snufkin and Black Sun? WTF

Who carried out the French one, names and Mason status please

No, you need to go back to Glorious Revolution and then to Christianity. Christian’s we’re the original sjws unemployed ideological filth that ruined Roman Empire and then Europe and cast it into dark ages for a millennium. Imagine being a filthy historically illiterate christkike and lie that Europeans were not living in backward conditions for centuries because it makes your religion look bad

>Glorious Revolution
What about it