Why can't these folks just stay in their own country? They come here, proudly waving their flag although literally every Mexican wants to flee his shithole country. And when they are here, they ain't doing anything productive besides working in taco restaurants of their cousins

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>Why can't these folks just stay in their own country?
its full of mexicans

But it is at least not that shitholy like Africa. You won't starve and they some touristy areas like Cancun where they can work and live among Europeans and Americans.

I read someone where that America needs a permanent underclass to maintain unlimited economic growth.

but we have 13% niggers, isn't that enough?

That’s barely enough - Blacks have a workforce about maybe half of that (18-65+) - and no , I doubt it
There are a lot of empty houses user.
I don’t even think Mexicans emigrate in high numbers , recent caravans are central and even South American which, Is wild when you think about how far that is away

its still mostly Mexicans though and many Mexicans say there are from Venezuela to hide their identity and get a visa


Oh, that’s pretty good , from a tactical standpoint . IDK - I’m not an economics user, but there is something to - labor shortage, inflation, wages and this.
I just want inflation down and people working . End this drug bullshit, and crime bullshit

Because we are parasites.

Those manual labor, and labor intensive jobs , few Americans do / want to do that.
Which is understandable, few people can sweat like that anymore

I guess you should have stayed in Africa or whatever shithole you came from

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The middle and upper class mexicans stay where they're at. It's the dregs of mexico that immvades here. They have better employment opportunities, and often collect a whole slew of welfare benefits at the same time.
It's a soft invasion, but an invasion ask the same. They are my enemy.

1. You took a large part of our country not long ago
2. Your country is full of degenerate drug addicts who can't stop consooming
3. Your country forces a global effort to maintain these drugs illegal, and attacks the supply of them
4. My country is a narco state because of how lucrative it is to sell these drugs to your drug addicted population
5. Mexicans move there because you gringos offer us work the moment we arrive. If there was no work or way to make a living we wouldn't go.

It's your country's own fault, nigger.

LMAO pendejos basado

Idk Why don’t Americans want to work these types of jobs new immigrants do?

EL hotdog , my sides

Juanito es muy furioso

>El Perrito Caliente:
>¿Más cerca del taco o del bocadillo?

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You sound like a faggot with tits go back

Everyone hates Mexicans. You hate yourself

look at him, he's crying!

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>Typical UNAM leftist
>Cultural appropiation
>Pseudo intellectual

Welp. Bet he is hairy and smells to smoke too.

Read a book shitcunt.
Who are you? Why are you and why do you believe you have a right to not be killed?

I’m like 3rd gen but ok, Pay my debts, I’ll leave and move back , but I get to come back to visit if I want .

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Go back to Mexico, José.

We literally can't. For one, the employers prefer illegals, because they know they can work them harder (abuse them) than a citizen. They're paid under the table, so it's untaxed (as well as all the other things they ding you on), so if you're both paid the same, they take home almost twice as much as someone working legally. Lastly, the foreman needs a worker, he doesn't post an ad. He tells Jose "I need another couple guys for this job". Jose shows up the next day with his 2 buddies/cousins to work. That job was never available for the American.
And then because he's paid under the table, Jose can claim welfare for him and his 6 kids because the government didn't know he's got an income.

Nice, right in time for my new artwork:

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Because they are lesser humanoids who have no sense of nation.

Mexico is truly going downhill. Yesterday I found out they are into cuck anime like "Rent a Girlfriend". They stopped watching the good ones Saint Seya and Captain Tsubasa.

US is 50% White, 14% nog, single digit other, the rest wetbacks, the US is filled with mexicans.

I'm white, tight, out of sight and full of hate for any fellow Americans who has no grasp of humility. Work harder. Or die a private in your own narrative. Either way. OP will always be a faggot.


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Lmao seething