Soooo when are the jabbies dying en masse?

Soooo when are the jabbies dying en masse?

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Three men I work with are permanently disabled after their jabs and one died of aggressive stage 4 bone cancer out of nowhere recently. One of those three who are disabled also had their wife have a massive stroke and the daughter suddenly developed leukemia. All post jab. It’s happening everywhere.

After they took the vaxx, obviously.

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That pic, haha, damn AI art understands memes

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En masse thing was always a psyop to get people who were rightfully critical of vaccine safety to overcorrect and go into nutter territory. It will just shake the tree of the already vulnerable and increase human throughput since boomers are human trash and no one can stomach them anymore

These are getting ridiculous

Could you explain why so many Any Forums people know lots of people who died horrible deaths or are permanently disabled because of the jab but the rest of the internet doesn't?

Soon maybe

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any two weeks from now

ai art shouldn't be used like this. It's polluting the meme flow with a circle of endless repetitive recycled memes.

Because they are in denial that its the vaxx?

Its already happening nitwit.

Post more

No one has the balls to admit the truth. The data is out there for everyone to see. Tick tock vaxtard. You’ve nothing but a miserable death or a severely shortened life span to look forward to.

Wow the lines on this unsourced chart go upwards. Surely this means 3 billion vaxxed maxed people are going to drop dead next week.

You fucking plague rats will believe any random chart you find on Any Forums but not ones published and peer reviewed by a legitimate medical researcher.

Big Ben goes TICK TOCK

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Go get your booster

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so 40 people die... who cares

hello where source

There could be some sort of bias at play here. But vaxxies I know unironically avoid the topic at all cost now. I’ve witnessed vaxxed boomers change channel over the jewbox when they start speaking of vaxx-induced problems (yeah, MSM is starting to report them). Ask a vaxxie if they are going to do x vaxx? They start seething so badly you gave no idea.

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Source: real life

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>1.6 people on one million

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Huh? What are you talking about schizo?

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Kek, i knew it was AI generated but it took me a second to realize what the image was

I took the vax because the few people in my family I care about took it. I don't wholly trust it, but whatever happens, I'm in it with those I love, and that's what matters to me. This world is fucking terrifying - an early exit really doesn't sound so bad in a way.