Why was she so popular among normies? Was it because she was pretty?

Why was she so popular among normies? Was it because she was pretty?

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She was a globohomo whore


She's not even pretty. It's make-up and angles. I rather give a phat creampie to Meghan.

because she was the town bycicle


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>cheats on her husband
>popular among normies
Checks out.

Marketing / PR
It's the goyslop of choice by normies.

She broke the rules and people liked that, cause retards can't stand order until it benefits them. They even go as far to think the Queen killed her.

I used to go to Duthie's book store all the time from the early sixties onwards. When this dumb cunt appeared suddenly the store was nothing but Diana picture books. All the beautiful office girls downtown would pack the store oogling the Princess Diana books. She is what they all wanted to be. A useless whore on the public stage, adored by the world, living in presidential suites that cost $40k a night for free. Even with a divorce settlement of $35 million it wasn't enough for her insane spending. She needed more. She needed to prostitute herself to a fat greasy disgusting Egyptian turk HOllywood coke dealing pig.

That is what Anglo Saxon women, the best of them, are all about.

wasn't she the first "non royal" to marry into the royal family? something like that. also she was a qt

What a vile whore. If the media says someone is good that means they’re evil

People should print your sentence as common knowledge.

>She's not even pretty. It's make-up and angles.
she was Jewish so pushed non-stop by Jew'sMedia.

She did a bunch of fake "Peace" stuff like with landmines and kids but always avoided real ZOG war mongers.

I guess she shit all over Charles who was always unpopular so that made her popular.

mostly it was girls who wished they could be with and suck little hairy fat arab cock that made the whole thing popular

She was related to the Royal Family, so no.

Why is this thread back? It was here same question, some topic FUCK OFF NIGGER OP

Because she was one of the first non royal common slags to nab a prince.

You act like this is the first thread to be a repeat retard.

She loved cock, and everyone likes a 5'11 upper class slut.

Btw she faked her death, and leaves near Prince Harry in CA.

She was helping the poor n' stuff. The kind of "help" and "care" rich faggots offer to Africa to pose as good people and then go back to the cocktail party.
(btw, Mother Teresa died the same week or something like that. very close date anyway. nobody cared.)

>Horse-faced inbred is 'pretty.'