What are the benefits of sex?

aside from reproduction obviously
why do normalfags and psychologists love to preach how important sex is but they never give a valid reason

normalfags and their pseudoscience

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they want you to be a slave to women, which by the way are the most retarded creatures

If a psychologist discusses a lack of sex in Gen Z and doesn’t mention hypergamy resulting from feminism as the primary cause, he is a clown who knows nothing.

It's physical activity that satisfy a biological need. What's the benefit of eating or breathing?

If i could wank out my food that would be really great

Women have been making men's lives objectively worse since the sexual revolution to the point the pussy value prop isn't there anymore.

>What's the benefit of eating or breathing?
false equivalence
you MUST eat to survive
you don't need non reproductive sex to survive, it's just entertainment

>I can't get laid, so there must be a problem with the 4.5 billion woman on the planet.
It's the only possible explanation.


Mental and physical bonding with a partner. Intimacy and trust. Feels amazing. Get a little exercise in. Makes you want your pee pee to feel good some more so you do more to get more feel good pee pee so you accidentally become productive.

Keeping the goyim numb and apathetic, these are the main benefits.

>you don't need non reproductive sex to survive, it's just entertainment

Masturbation lowers testosterone and excess testosterone causes heart problems and baldness, aside from needless aggression in a post-nomadic society.

So fuck you, sex is quite necessary. Enjoy a bunch of sexless men burning it all down again. Tik-tok, nigger.

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strawman argument
i've never said you should masturbate
no go back reddit spacing turd



yeah but of those 4.5 billion how many can you actually have a chance to be with? only the ones that live near you unless you have unlimited wealth. then how many are single? how many are straight? how many could you actually hold a conversation with and have something to talk about?

>just jerk-off, Goy
>who needs women and population replenishment

You should be gang raped and burned alive, kike.

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The modern world, functionally speaking, has no healthy outlet for sexual gratification. All that remains is unhealthy outlets, which are unhealthy precisely because they inflict more damage than they resolve. The factors which inform this particular circumstance are myriad and politically untouchable. Therefore societal crumbling and violent restructuring are not only inevitable, but necessary. Better learn how to fight and grow food.

nice b8 mate

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>Mental and physical bonding with a partner. Intimacy and trust. Feels amazing.
This. Fucking a woman you love and who loves you is awesome. If you've never cuddled a woman after busting a nut inside her, you've never experienced true contentment.

they want to molest them. harder to do that if the kids arent interested in sex

because once you have it you basically go insane without it and end up extremely frustrated.
especially if it´s sex with someone you love and they decide not to put up with your shit anymore.

>needless aggression

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