What happens here?

Republicans made a meanjngless publicity stunt. All jews and dems had to do was ignore it so it would go away. But it ended up breaking the programming beyond levels I haven't seen before. So what happens here?

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Stop blowing up Third World countries and aiding Jewkraine more and more will show up.
Look at my country people are sleeping outside prior to that and still is Italy, Greece is flooded with immigrants

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How has this non event created so many slide threads in the last 24 hours.
Bots? Retards? Or some combination of the two?

>What happens here?
fuck around and find out

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>What happens here?
>Martha's Vineyard
The vinning of Martha's yard.

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the matrix is falling apart, every single event that causes normal retards to think twice about supporting the satanic pedophiles any longer brings 1000 slide threads a day

ngl though i always thought it was someplace owned by martha stewart

Chainsaws...you don't really want to know user.

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its a huge publicity stunt by both parties in an election year.
The media controls what we all talk about at any given time. This is what they have slotted for this week.

From what we are hearing. The Mexocaust.

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>Republicans made a meanjngless publicity stunt
o rly?

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It's funny how everyone there attended to them invaders like they were a box of stray kittens let on the side of the road, very telling of how they view anyone below them

#marthasvineyardsowhite or #mvsowhite need to start trending. It worked well for Hollywood, now every new movie is jam packed with subhumans. I really want to see Martha's Vineyard covered in homeless encampments and streets filled with shit and hypodermic needles. Fuck the "elites" and all of their hideouts.

You can't ignore a crowd of spics when they're literally standing in your backyard.

>How has this non event created so many slide threads in the last 24 hours.
>Bots? Retards? Or some combination of the two?
Kikes MAD

Texas spent 12.5 million dollars of taxpayer money to have these 50 migrants trafficked to marthas vineyard overnight with a stop-over in Florida. Somehow DeSantis is taking the credit for it and neither side dares to publicly mention the costs because it’s clearly fraud. American politics is like wrestling - all fake to entertain the idiots and get rich at their cost

>Bots? Retards? Or some combination of the two?

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Post source of that sum.

Just keep sending them more immigrants. At least 100 a week.

12.5 million to save 200 million later. Sounds like a good investment.

Nazibros... I thought it was the brown people that were the problem? M-martha's vineyard is a jewish community r-right?