What makes anglos so much more powerful than everyone else?

what makes anglos so much more powerful than everyone else?

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Ugly women


nice numbers

The number of the Anglo

says eu flag

Chaos Theory

Dollar Hegemony now. Before it was Pound Sterling Hegemony.

AKA prosperity of money markets and excess use of their currency in international settlements.

That's about it. This is what drivers globalism, perpetual deficits and military might.

Correct, Britain is the first beast in the book of revelation that is wounded by war and America is the second beast that drops fire from heaven (nuclear bomb) and causes the world to worship and speak the language of the first beast.

Look up the stele of revealing. Aleister Crowley equals 666 in jewish gematria. Covid 19 references the 19th path in english occultism the path of Leo which is the beast 666.

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Wow, the empire was rich, that still doesn't explain how they got rich mate which is the whole point, they dominated at everything.

Unironically jews.
But you knew that already, didn't you Satan?

Common Law

Rothschild actually bankrupted the empire with market manipulation then he bought it all up on the cheap.

Ah yes, it was never the competency of whites, it was always just the Jews. Are you even based user?

Being a large and unified land mass on a continent where there are no other large countries with a similar population size. They have massive sources of wealth and resources, and unlike in Europe or Asia, they don't really have to worry about competing with other powers over these resources. This ultimately led to both economic prosperity and domination of global finance, as well geopolitical stability.

The UK benefited in much the same way from being an island, only to a much lesser extent. They didn't necessarily have quite as large of a a resource pool as the US, but being an island helped insulate them from a lot of the conflict and geopolitical instability in continental Europe.

all of ur base are belong to us

masonry. the average anglo was just a pawn for the freemason running the country. now they have been replaced by jews there really isn't anything special about the english. I guess time has showed the same to be true for the latins too. So long as there is a decent genetic baseline, it is nurture I believe that makes a people great. not nature.

Germs, steel and penicilline

That doesn't matter, the rothchilds didn't make britain dominant, britain was just dominant in inventiveness and war.

I didn't call you incompetent.
Call it competency + jews if you want.

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The masons don't run the country and masonry is built by and for the anglo-saxon, you can't join masonry if you are Jew is real english freemasonry.

Britain expelled the jews multiple times user, they didn't gain their power from the jews and they still do not, unless you are a jewish supremacist.

Hence my actual answerIt's the only thing the anglosphere actually has universally in common,

>Forced to sit in their filthy cuck corner and watch as Russians slaughter the natobitch insect soldiers and their subhuman hohlonazi allies
Keks were had.

cheating, basically
playing spy games, with lies spread inside mass medias, with political subjects smeared or killed, with workers movements infiltrated and diverted away from their goals, with economic competitors subjected to all of that and more
having no regard to dignity, honesty and integrity, while expecting others to have dignity honesty and integrity

their tool of choice is weaponized hypocrisy

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Slightly based but not true. The English race is the master race, that is the real reason. Common-law is a side effect of that.

There are no rules in love and war user, only winners and loser. You lost.


>Literally just build houses out of stone/brick instead of mud/poo.

>"these anglos with their cutting-edge technology"

Their lack of any morals, shame, or inhibitions compared to other Europeans.


Satan makes them the most powerful.

with the jewish secret polices being the kingpin of the 5 eyes

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Sounds like something a sore loser would say. Anyway, might is right. When a douche nicks your girlfriend do you say: "Well at least I have my morals"?. Of course you do swede because you're a swede. Hahahahahahahaha

This user:


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meant to tag you not him

Anglo culture has the highest intolerance for NEETs and freeloaders.

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Americans played on easy mode.


>Thinks Anglos are actually superior.
My sweet dumb bong. We aren't we are literal muts of the Isles. We are Saxon, Angle, Viking, Norman, rape babies. Then those of us in the colonies are also Scots and Irish and occasionally German rape babies to boot. Then you get to extreme American level of mut.
The answer is common law.