Sell everything you own, borrow what you can and move to a country where hot dogs are a luxury

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just eat more peanutbutter sandwhiches, that makes up 90% of canadas diet. also, plain rice and peas, with no sauce.

this is true I went to a place where I can get 150 hotdogs for like 30$ and they were 50$
Fucking jews...

$18 for the cheapest pack of cigarettes. they went up by $4 a few months ago. imagine suddenly paying an extra $112 a month on smokes lol. you could buy over 10 packs of hotdogs for that price. dayum.

>eats wieners
ngmi lad

walk downtown around 10pm when all the homeless people are outside pushing their shopping carts around.

has it always been this bad?

>tfw someone posts the in store prices

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Prince Edward Island is lost, go on without us

tsk tsk tsk
—- Apartheid Groceryjew Detected ——-
Consider this thread infested with a proxyfag

Threadly reminder that these posts have been disproven many times before. This faggot, aka apartheid groceryjew, started posting these on Any Forums as
"Canada Is Collapsing" threads and has moved on to pretending to make "election" or "politics" threads, and posting this bullshit on /ck/ to avoid this copypasta, but it's the same proxyfagging nutjob.

This kike has rudimentary knowledge of proxyfagging and bumps his own threads with a variety of proxies from Canada, the US, and the UK especially. If you pay attention to the diction/posting style/CAPS you can easily see they are the same person, varying between 2-3 posting styles, and doing upwards of 50 posts each thread to keep it bumped. He often deflects his true origin by (((accidentally)) outing himself as a Pole, but he’s really an Americanized Jew.

He’s likely under the employ of the Kinsella consulting group, hired by the conservatives to divert attention from the Jewish influence in Canada.

Although Corona has put a break on his grocery posting, he’s still spreading the same lies and half-truths of the past years to push xir Jewish agenda.

In order to maintain the illusion that Canada has high food prices, he posts prices from remote communities where food has to be flown in.

If anyone is actually curious if there is an issue with food prices in Canada, go to literally any forum online with Canadians and ask them if they struggle with their food bill. It’s that simple.

This is pasta and and the poster will not be sticking around for replies. I invite fellow leafs to copypasta this to all this nutjobs threads, and don't forget to sage; the proxyfagging becomes really obvious when he has to scramble to bump his threads.

Redditspacing is intentional and done for maximum exposure and clarity

I now understand why Canadians do their grocery shopping here. I just wish you retards would stop leaving Tim Hortons cups on the fucking ground, it's so trashy. Canadians and niggers are responsible for all littering.

>Leafs when shopping for groceries

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the canadian government - in between telling vets to kill themselves - spams this in every food thread

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I mean, that's pretty fucking hyperbolic.

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he's trying to fit in on Any Forums.... but he's retarded

Is that supposed to be expensive? Oh boy

I didn't get past the apartheid bit at 1st. Having actually read it, it's not bad pasta, if a little over-concerned.

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All he had to do was post the in store prices (no sales or loss leaders). But he couldn't.

now we all wonder why Canada needs him

Those are luxury hot dog sausage. No names hot dogs sausage cost less than 4 dollars per 12 pack

you cannot prove your claim

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but those are not good. not good at all.

and he's bragging about paying the money for hodogs what elsewhere pays for a steak

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