The biggest tragedy is that these countries were not colonized by England, but by Spain and Portugal instead

The biggest tragedy is that these countries were not colonized by England, but by Spain and Portugal instead.

Imagine how different the world would be if the entire New World was like Canada or Australia.

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>Imagine how different the world would be if the entire New World was like Canada or Australia.

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>inb4 India

Jews would rule over 500 million more people. Wow, what an improvement to the world.

Stop blaming the Jews for everything.

>panchitos no more


It'd be probably humorless, boring and about to be wiped out due to unsurmountable and retarded racial tensions regarding 1% of the population thanks to the idiotic ascetic protestant moral faggotry.

While you tear each other apart due to ideology, you'll look up into the sky and see us sniffing bunda among the stars.

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The central bankers deserve the most blame and normie jews are like their tentacles unless they actively resist them like Kubrick, God bless him.

It would imagine it would be like South Africa but with Indians.

But then you would be an irrelevant shithole, literally.

More like african twerking troons everywhere

You don’t have to imagine too much, just look at countries like Belize, Guyana, and Jamaica. They aren’t especially great but they have more stability than the mess that came with full independence followed by collapse in Latin America.

You have to educate yourself more.

>huuurrr if only Britain colonized us
>huuurrr if only Holland colonized us
Meanwhile, look at Suriname, Jamaica, or any other shithole in central America, it's not the colonizer, it's the people.

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Peru you take it too far peru

We would be like Belize and Guyana. I see no difference.

reminder that the mestization of all that terrotory was made by the freemasons, that followed british orders
an ethnic cleansing of that area was impossible, far more population that in NA, more advanced, and in a period when our own advanced were smaller

It’s possible to sterilize everything below Panama and quarantine and blockade the entire continent so that we can take it for ourselves, I hate the anti christ and globokikes but if Canada American and everything below became one giant white ethnostate we would have dyson spheres and ftl in less than a century. The same not one world system that would work would be one run entirely by whites on a planet completely excised of the non white cancer.

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Jamaica had one of the lowest murder rates in the world when it gained independence. It now has one of the highest

Had south america been a british colony we would have gained independence in the 1960s. Not only that but it wouldnt have been from a civil war between british factions, we would have been liberated by an indio guerrilla financed by China, the USSR and North Korea. So basically sendero but browner. Retards like you should investigate what happened in the former african colonies of britain before spewing such nonsense.

Also, cholo maldito acomplejado.

If England had colonized them, their inhabitants would have been exterminated. Spaniards and Portuguese didn't care about race mixing and they were also dreamers who considered natives as new subjects of the crown.

I don't know what is worse

Get colonized by Anglos, become rich and powerful, but end up becoming a land filled with trannies, with decaying social values, filled with Hedonism. And in top of that, being one of the biggest promoters of the Globohomo agenda

Or be colonized by Spain and Portugal, and end up becoming poor and corrupt, with a lot of crime and cartels. But however, you manage to conserve your social values, don't fall into globohomo, and overally. Be less Materialistic and more Catholic.

South america loves trannies my dude, they watch the most tranny porn and have the most trannies.

There were major wars fought over who got what areas.

The illegal aliens are literally the descendants of the spanish and indigenous people who lost the war for north America and are now desperate to escape their corrupt failed societies.

# mass immigration

Tbf thats only around the Amazon Rainforest. Same as in Thailand, for some reason those areas seem to be a breeding ground for faggotry.

Idk from where you get that, people in Latin America are quite religious. Just look at those TradCath conquistador fuckers

But that is nothing compared to the same thing in America or Canada. And indeed if there is, it's because it was something imported from the US,, remember what I say about the US being the biggest exporters of globohomo

This is what they took from you

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Every day this nonsense thread... Our current neoliberal world makes more damage to our countries than any colonizer could ever have done, most of our problems become worse basically after ww2

when anglos say colonize they just mean general genocide.

well I wouldn't have to learn mexican at least, so that'd been an improvement.