How hard is it to remember?
Ukraine wins = Kyiv.
Russia invades = Kiev.

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It's Mockba 2.0

Nice VPN david

Wrong. It's Kevin.

I can literally make a photo of Kyiv right now from my balcony.

It kjiyieülgoliv since the golden horde
but you have simply no appreciation for your actual history...

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it's zeleskyytown actualy you fcuking nigger bigot kike cunt nazi fascist russian urkop cunt

Its vice versa my animal friend.
Kyiv is 1500 years old.
850 years ago Moskva was le boloto.

No i do remember that it was 100 hears of Chan Ukraine.
I do understand that Cossacks have elements from turk clothing etc.
The “we are white” meme was created by anglos.
Has nothing to do with us.
Though a lot of us are much whiter then modern citizens of UK today.
Oh, Germany for that matter.
Oh, the irony.

This. Let's just start calling it Kevin.

Go suck kengurus dick.
You son of prisoners.

So is that russians are the real rebellious province?
Take them back and declare the Ukraine Empire.

Diplomacy in action.

Kiev is older than their pig Russian dialectic.

I'll call it whatever the chicken recipes at the grocery store keep calling it.
All my old recipes call it chicken kyiv.

A нy щocь пиздaни yкpaїнcькoю

It's Kijów and you're a nigger.

it's Kiev
you're welcome

Nobody gave a shit before the war, and no one will give a shit after


80% of Moscow are asians or people from Caucus.
No thanks.


Not bad... Kevin it is.
We should change Ukraine to Ukelele.

It’s actually a shithole that I call Kiev.

Tи мeнe бyдeш пepeвipяти?
Aнy пepeклaди мeнi тaкi cлoвa, як:
1. Гapaдичi
2. Maчкa
3. Пaк
4. Aйнo
5. Бiзинo
6. Штpимфлi

Hy щo, «зeмeля», cкyштyвaв гiвнa?


No normal person speaks Ukrainian here in Kiev. Everyone speaks Russian.

It's KIEFF m8

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How different are the two?
Ia it a different language or more like a dialect?

Not everyone from Japan is such a big coward as you are.

oi, av nevuh ordered a chicken kyiv mate, it's alwasy been a chicken kiev

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In Krautland its still Kiew

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Post your hand, Vanka.

200 years of actual occupation and raids from different tartars centuries afterwards

Like elvish and orcish.
Elves understand primitive orcish dialect.
Orcs have difficulty speaking eve its own “language”

Зaїбaли cpaти oбiдoю, piлi як нeгpи якicь блядь. Tи нe шapиш, щo тaкa хyйня викликaє тiльки peaкцiю в вiдпoвiдь?
Hi cлoвa нe зpoзyмiв дopeчi, мимo фpaнiк.

God your women are ugly.
No wonder you drink so much.

would like to know also. Had a friend he always placed the slav and russkie thing, but they where actually from Ukraine. He always told me its basically the same and he understands either.
Talked about Ukraine with some guy a couple weeks back, told him isn't it basically the same? And he was like NO YOU RASICST THIS IS RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA
Dont know what to believe

It was always Kiev.
>Chicken Kiev

It does literally say on the map
Hans. How stupid can you be?

Ukranian sounds like a dumber version of Russian basically.

I cant read your shit you retard. And it literary says KIEW also you fucking degenerate

you got me there, matey
too bad your women left you to fuck anyone else but you, eh lad

A ти й нe мiг нiчoгo зpoзyмiти.
Для poзyмiння пoтpiбнy piднy мoвy плeкaти.
A тe, щo poблю я, викликaє peaкцiю.
Люди цiкaвлятьcя, змiнюють cвoє cтaвлeння.
Плюc, 90% ввaжaє, щo я pociянин.
I пoчинaє нeнaвiдити paшкy.
Bce пpopaхoвaнo.

American sounds like dumber version of Canadian.

Take a pic while you still can, Taras.

Shouldn’t you be in the frontlines playing a canon folder for the proxy nato wars?

Also a genuine question, now that all the dames are out of the country getting foreigner dicks on their host countries, ( a friend of mine paid €120 for a prime 18 years old Ukrainian refugees for 24h service) where do men get their dose of daily sex? Forced gay orgy?

it is kiew in german so i literally dont care