Dozens of battle groups by next spring

Wagner Group is recruiting from prisons, offering freedom for 6 months of service on the front line.
They only demand three things
>there is no retreat
>be ready to storm the front
>keep two grenades on you in case of encirclement

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>this is what winning looks like

wont this lead to rapes of civilians?

its called liberation you ukronazi chud. globohomo will be destroyed

Post the webm at least fucker. Anyway this is great after the last offensive the russians dont give a fuck anymore. Ukranians should leave asap, when ruskies unleash penal battalions on you it means its over.

6 more months

This is how you win a war

I would also chose death over a single day in a Russian prison.

30 years of prison or almost guaranteed death? You have 5 min to decide. Fuck

they may not have broomhandles in the army

Nah. Explicit orders to not engage in any form of sexual activity, jerking off included. Anyone caught will be shot.

>offering freedom for 6 months of service on the front line.

Is this proposal available for life prisoners?

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I have an mp4 of the video with English subtitles but its big, 100mb. I can upload if you are truly interested.

Imagine if Americans did this. An entire army of black people raping everyone in Ukraine.

>Dirle-Wanger group

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This is what kino looks like

Ukraine is now using American nigger mercenaries. The days of trying to frame this as a racial struggle for Ukraine are over

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A different American nigger merc for Ukraine.

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You have to admitt noone gives a fuck about this war anymore. This is old news, when no one its looking is when the real war starts.

Or the penal soldiers surrender immediately.
>Risk death for 6 months to gain freedom
>Surrender to ukies for immediate freedom

>6 months fighting and freedom
>20 years in prison
which would you choose?
are romanian prisons that comfy?

>Surrender to ukies
Hahaha there will be no surrender for them. The russians are probably using them to calibrate thier own artillery, deplete enemy ammo, suicide charges, and war crimes.

Hohols will still shoot them for being Russian.