Why Ukrainans do that?

They are abandoning positions and running away from enemy.

I thought they were winning. Media told us they drive away russians from Ukraine.

And plus I have to pay much more electric bill for that? WTF

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I love videos with no context just line and circles at least I get to watch slavs dye like bitches who ever it is in the gif.

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Normalize Chinese traffic gore

>They are abandoning positions and running away from enemy.

Show us a fine example of bravery by not abandoning your dugout yourself at the battlefield.

conscripts with 2 weeks training...

>Not my problem

Well your government handing out your taxes to them

Taxation is always theft. I'm not responsible for what the jewish mafia do with the money they rob me.

Dying like a dog while women fuck with foreigners and have fun, in order to support a regime that will sacrifice you, your father and your son, isn't that cool.

Ukrainians. They are now using the nato tacticool cross.

I mean it is literally only a Problem for Ukrainian men. I don't care about Ukrainian men though.
They can all die for all I care if my Bills get lower in turn.

Just like in the multiple videos when they run from Russians and run over their own civilians in the process only to proclaim 2 hrs later what this was Russian army.
Expect this video to ted many Z's in some time later.

This is what winning looks like.

As alwayas the few muttsian jewtin shills use memeflags and a few domesticated telegram tranny russian flag tourists come in to offer their usual copy pasted responses they make in every single thread.
things must be going worse than i thought in russia after Xi cucked jewtin if this is the only thing telegram trannys have to show for almost a full year of war

On this boar exactly zero pro-Russian shiller but at least every second post from some mongrel from muttkraine trying to correct the record and convince what his lying are in fact truth.
And morons from butthurt belt eating this joke a gospel. SO far in this SVO was zero lies from Russian side and probably more than a thousand from muttkraine yet still this is somehow a big mystery who is lying and who is not.

>buthurt belt
>from the meme country vassal state of china that cant even beat the poorest shithole in europe
hows the chimp out going today

Damn, so this is what “trained by NATO standards” looks like

that driver will be court martialed lol

The Pancake of Popasna

>chimp out
All i see here is hysterical poles shitting their pants in fear every time a Russian emerge in 1000km from him.

Also you we outnumbered 1 to 5, having k/d of 1 to 10 and all of this while sparing mutt civilians and conquering our rightful backyard on the borderlands. Think again how the situation is unfolding.

Don't worry, they'll find some random Russian to declare guilty of this war crime soon.