German police in berlin caught saying "This is our land" after arresting syrian immigrants


Rough translation:

Syrian immigrant wife: Hey hey

Police 1: Stay back!

Syrian immigrant wife: My man this (their german is bad)

Police 1: If you don't stay back, you'll be laying here beside him, do you understand me?!

Syrian immigrant wife: Have you seen three children now? The police *something something* (inaudible). You go now. This my home.

Police 1: This my country and you are guest!

Syrian immigrant wife: Can not hit!

Police 2: No one got punched. We just brought him to the ground.

Police 1: Shut your fucking mouth and don't you ever touch me again.

Syrian immigrant husband: Not talking so with my wife!

Police 1: Your wife has no right talking to me like that. You are in our country. You are responsible to follow the law in this country.

Syrian immigrant wife: We, we, we...

Police 1: Stop yelling at me and don't ever touch me. I'll get you to jail.

Syrian immigrant wife: Children, yelling *inaudible*

Police 1: Never touch me again.

The husband was arrested for failing to pay his fines of over 750€, which he recieved after getting caught multiple times using public transportation services without buying a ticket. After he refused to pay once the cops showed up, he was arrested but resisted. Cop who said this is still working but was sued by the family and is now being investigated. He was put on desk duty for several weeks.

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and they will go to jail and everyone will shit on them and they will lose everything, that's the life of a german in jewish occupied germoney

It is their land.

Based cop. Down with the scum.

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Nah. I think they will be fine. From what I gathered the average citizen supports them. I dont see anything they did either.
that and their amazing tomboys are really starting to push germany up on my favourites list

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>the average citizen supports them
no one cares what the citizen thinks, they will only show you those against and the masses will fall for it like they have always done since 1945

Somebody better tell that officer that Germany belongs to Israel before he gets into trouble

>When Germans conquer a country it's "their land"
>When Syrians conquer Germany it's "their land"


True. I hate how every thing needs to be politicized for further they woke everything and everyone is 24/7 racist agenda. This bullshit started in the US.

>using public transportation services without buying a ticket.


we conquered ourselves, they were brought here by the jew

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He should be sent to the camps to be honest.

I actually owe a bunch of money to a bunch of Germany companies and shit too. Scheiss egal. Suck my dick faggot homo green niggers. Germans will be stacked dead in piles like frozen logs this winter.

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you tried that line 80 years ago
didn't work
try something else

>Syrian immigrant wife: We, we, we...


you won't exist in 80 years, chink

the german police is obsessed about their autistic rules (called the law). they will do the same shit to nationalists because hate speech.

>Nah. I think they will be fine.
fuck off faggot, youre full of shit, gas yourself

lol rip this nazi chud fascist's job
he did a heckin wrongspeak

>80 years
neither will you

They have a huge shitstorm on social media : )
They will lose their job and be shamed, no matter how many times pol incels will call them „based“, it‘s over for them

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