Imagine wanting to genocide this

Imagine wanting to genocide this
Wtf is wrong with Jews?

We need to preserve the beauty of the Aryan women.

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>We need to preserve the beauty of the Aryan women.

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They're not genociding it. They're stealing our genetics. Soon only jews will have blonde hair and blue eyes while all the other peoples of the world will be black eyed, black curly haired mutts

You ought to worry more about the way modern people are becoming more recessed and gracile looking. If this continues, you will have a recessed chin and narrow jawed, bug eyed humans as the majority.

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And another fat chud lines up to be a stalker of this lesbian

me on the left

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She loves pinball.

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that's man.

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This guy looks like a fag.

There are enough non-race mixing whites that this wont happen. Also jews with blonde hair and blue eyes still have degenerate jew DNA, which gives them the tendency to be sexual degenerates/lgbt/whores/pedos/furries.

source? i've met many jews and half jews in the UK

user, do you see an adam's apple?

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Keffals secret YouTube channel

Looks like a guy to me. Its cool if your gay user I don't care. It takes all kinds to make this world go round.

Why did you shoot Reagan?
I can't believe they let you out

i'll direct you to my question again

Most autists do

Yes. It looks like a guy. You don't have to cope about it dude its cool if you like guys.

that wasn't my question

that is a man. now this is a woman

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>ask a yes/no question
>get a yes
Yes, I see an adam's apple on the guy you posted.

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then sorry to say but you're blind mate

No I see fine, men have adam's apples and you posted a guy. Ergo the adam's apple is present.
I already told you I'm not judging you for it you don't have to be defensive about your interests.

The alcoholic roommate from Sopranos?

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You're more Eddy than Chang

it's her now, feel old yet?

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why r u gay?

i don't even have the meme, this'll have to do

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oh i got it, u r a special one, bilibilibili

>I can't believe they let you out

He's from a wealthy Republican family.

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Hinckley has his own YouTube channel now, what a wild world

I really hate that family
Surprised they didn't try that on Trump

That's not how it works. Recessive genes can never truly be deleted from the population once they are spread around enough, only dominant genes can be removed

If you were to make sure that no brown eyed person reproduced in one generation then there would be no more brown eyed people. If you were to make sure no blue eyed people reproduced for one generation, within 2-3 more generations the blue eyed people would return to pretty much the same percentage of the population that they have always been

Huntingdons is a dominant gene disease. It's a horrible disease where you know for a virtual certainty from birth that you will die horribly from dementia and ALS like symptoms in your 40s. If no one with huntingdons reproduced then it would disappear. When someone with the disease reproduces their child is virtually guaranteed to have the disorder. The reason it still exists is because individuals are fine and symptom free until theyre already past reproducing age so they don't necessarily know they have it until it's too late, they just know their parent died of a strange illness. With medical advances Huntingdons can be wiped out. Cystic Fibrosis, Tay Sacs, and Sickle Cell anemia will never truly be wiped out. Those primarily affect individual races (white, jew, and black respectively) but despite their smaller numbers the genes will always hide within individuals who exhibit dominant traits but carry a recessive gene

If you muttify everyone and evenly spread genes then 10-25% of all people would have blue eyes depending on hard brown eyes are sexually selected against in future populations. Thats actually higher than the current blue eyed pop percent, because blue eyes are mostly confined to one region right now but within that region, and when members of that region spread out worldwide their eyes are usually preferred in sexual selection over brown ones

Who ever got her for his wife is one lucky motherfucker.