I will now support NATO

I will now support NATO.

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Don't care, why should I simp for a woman? Also Russia is right Ukraine is a Jewish tool to destroy Russia

Nice clean uniforms.

What nice clean uniforms worn by well-rested, well-fed, happy soldiers. It's almost like they haven't done a single moment of fighting. Interesting.

Ruskies are masturbating to the rape thats coming for her

So let me get this straight. Your governor sends a bunch of migrants across the country and you think it's a win to treat people like that? You're sick!

I'm sure it's nothing. Boy am I getting sleepy.

NATO Is the future. Can't wait for Sweden and Finland to join. Putler fucked up so bad on this one.

Fix your bot.

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I hate Ukraine so fucking much

This is literally the “hot IDF girls” psyop that kikes were running on Any Forums 8 years ago repackaged.

Lol they gave the woman combat medic the SCAR

HOLY SHIT THATS SHAMEFUL. I Really hope someone handed her their rifle for the photo op

The guy is very cute

Oh, jew tactics directly cribbed from Israel. What a surprise. Gas.

How smelly are your panties?? Can I buy them??

Based Ukraine literally using women for propaganda.

I would genuinely want to know how she isn’t getting raped constantly. Don’t soldiers have a huge reputation for rape?

Ukraine is the new Israel. We gave them 100 billion in a year.

Should give them 1 trillion desu.

Also, not a spec of dirt on the knees. I smell PR stunt

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>I smell PR stunt

No shit

It's be like that tho.

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>back from counter offensive
>immaculate uniforms and perfect hair

Nah, she won't go anywhere near the Russians. Do some photos in Kiev and that's it.

>girl "soldier"

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Nobody uses this phrase except Any Forums addicts pretending to be someone else.
Sad faggot, you invent fights and then fight those ghosts.

>Predditors hurling their gold and updoots at a blatant government propaganda post; while Yegor from the Foreign Intelligence Bureau cackles as he types each response

Russians and hohols prefer men and little boys, they don't rape women there.

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Oi vei.
Why would you say so, potc?

I like the nails, too

Ukraine is now using American nigger mercenaries. The days of trying to frame this as a racial struggle for Ukraine are over


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That bitch isn't going anywhere near the actual war.

>hello, I am a stupid whore who dressed up for a photoshoot in KYIIIIV
>please donate to my onlyfans

Dumb pastanigger

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Her crye precision pants don't even have knee pads.... also who gives a scar to a female medic. Too much weight.

And another American nigger merc for Ukraine.

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>The guy is very cute
The only consistent post

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go back to canada, I already told you

I will now kill vatnigs.

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Dont be antisemitic. I remember my time in the Ukrainian volunteer forces and every unit deployed with a portable steam press.

she just sits there in the tent waiting for men that got their legs blown off. the dude is her personal bodyguard otherwise she would be constantly raped my these savages^^
even men without legs would rape her relentlessly^^

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