Trannie dies suddenly mid stage *SADS*


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I would suck her shenis

this but unironically

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if he dies he dies

every forum slowly degrades into /b

probably aids

Same. God she’s beautiful. Waste of a penis.

And a mountain of meth

Praise Jesus

genius, unironically the first I've heard this term before

How can a "she" be performing drag? Drag requires dressing as the opposite gender.


>The McVax
holy kek peak americano

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There's no way the doctors in charges were like "Hmm yeah, seems that the vaxx also affects young FEMALES", no, they filled it as a male victim of the vaccine, right?

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Pfankz Pfizer

> be fat nigger
> die after doing activity that requires physical exertion
> sounds like a heart att-
Jesus Christ, get over it already
You are not going to be the last survivor of the male race and get tons of pussy because you wouldnt take the vaccine

>most trannies are leftists snd most leftists took the vACKccine

Where is the like button ?

>faggots never OD'd on meth before the vax

t.vaxxaids leafnigger
Yes we will survive. And you nuked your own immune system and you're coping about it right now. Deal with it turd.

Monkeypox claims another