How the FUCK did a neonazi party just win in sweden

While the LITERAL direct successor to the fascist party is about to win in Italy?
What the fuck is going on in Europe? It's the 1930s all over again wtf

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What's SD's stance on Israel and Palestine? What's their stance on which capital should be recognized?

they are no different from Trump. Basic bitch cuckservatives

>neo nazi

more like cuckservative anti white party light who will do more for israel than for their own nation

I'm sorry but did the National Fascist Party turn into the Republican Fascist Party and then the Italian Social Movement and then the National Alliance and then Trump? No? So no it's not the fucking same

Theyre controlled opposition


Well Isreal is an ethnostate funded internationally because everyone wants to keep pet jews.

I wonder what this arrangement does to the genetic makeup of jews.

They are just anti immigrant social democrats. they still support kike shit like gay marriage

They are pro-israel, I suspect it's mostly just for show tho.

they have the same ideology retard. Doesn't matter what brand they slap on

History repeats itself.
Which is comforting because it means the 2030s through 2110d era will be a new progressive utopia

>muh “fascist”
>muh “right”
>muh “conservative”
So, if I slap a Ferrari logo on my 500, would it be considered a Ferrari?

not natsoc, just cuckservatist

Well, maybe. The fact that they were formed as an unironic neo-Nazi party does raise the possibility that they're hiding their power level. I don't expect too much from them, still.

Quite a utopia. Too bad all you faggots will have died from aids by then.

the 100 years anniversary is coming
it's time for payback for the american occupation of europe

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They're just regular conservative parties. The media calls any non-globohomo right-wing party baby-torturing genocidal nazis.

Ten years ago several high ranking party officials were involved in an event called the iron rod scandal, in which said officials were out on a bender and ended the night by going out and start beating random darkies on the street with an iron rod. This was the party leadership of the now second largest party in the country. They're based you're cringe eat a dick faggot

>Ten years ago
details matter, they had ten years to pozz it up. You got arabs LARPing and jews in the party, which should be a huge warning flag.

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>new progressive utopia
>niggers burning shit down
Progressive sure, utopia? No.

Neonazi is outright wrong. SD was cofounded by NSDAP. There's nothing neo about it.

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lies, the new SD party is nothing but Neocucks just like their new sodomite logo.
and who voted for this? swedish meatballs? ha! it were the very same immigrants