Any Forums, I have browsed here for about 10 years now...

Any Forums, I have browsed here for about 10 years now. When I was younger I struggled to find purpose and value in life. Media and socialization annoy me, and I find no joy in urban areas/current trends.
I had read a lot in my younger years, and came to the conclusion that the pursuit of traditionalism,nationalism,and God, were enough to give me purpose and continue on.
My family is kiked, and I have never been able to rely on them for love or support. I have no friends due to my disconnect and dissatisfaction with ghetto culture and degeneracy that seems to run rampant these days.
I have hobbies and I workout, but things get very tough sometimes. I feel alone, isolated, out of touch.
I am not even sure what type of career field to pursue anymore. I was in hospitality for the longest, but even that is becoming cucked.
I feel hopeless. I am still young, but all I have done is work and work and loved and I have wrought nothing in return. I do not know what to do anymore.

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Read classical Greek literature and lift heavy things. Everything else flows from that and I'm not even memeing

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Shitty autism-tier advice. OP needs friends and people to rely on, not more Any Forums approved solitary activities. Do volunteering or join a team sports group. Or music classes. Good luck

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play table tennis

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its shadman, here is the original.

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How do we feel about this image?

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