The deadlie is up

>The deadlie is up

How will the Russian soldiers be punished for failing their objective?

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Again with the glowniggers giving deadlines. Armies don't have deadlines, they have goals. One goal of Russia is demilitarizing Ukraine. A goal which is accomplished day by day. You can retake land back, you cannot resurrect people. People will understand it eventually. You are either a glownigger who already understads this, or just a stupid nigger, in which case, nobody cares.

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>Armies don't have deadlines

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get a load of this retard

>according to a ukrainian military official
Crop that part out next time you make a thread for a better bait.

>according to a Ukranian Military Official

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The mind of a vatnik is truly a marvel to behold. Your rage and denial is just delicious. Calling me a nigger glowie won't bring back Izium, your tanks or your dead
>Russian giving anyone a lecture about being truthful

Basically Putin is playing 5D Hearthstone and just value trading, until he can combo off for the banan.

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>ukraine official

imagine taking propagand at face value like a redditor

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all this kike shilling can only mean russia is wooping your asses.

They live in Russia.
You cant punish man harder.

it was september 2023.

I think the entire world was surprised to see what a hollow, pathetic military that Russia has.

Yeap, your little mustachioed daddy had deadlines, and look where it took him.

What vatniks? What rage? You're just a deluded nigger - as always. Kherson offensive - which RF defended got hohol shit pushed, with thousands of casualties. Kharkov offensive, which only had some poor DNR front defense got let, minimal casualties. And then RF will pound them with arty an bombs again, rinse and repeat. You don't understand strategy and you never will, because you're a nigger.

bunch of bullshit the post

People would literally better die in Russia than live in a shithole like Ukraine

se dyo evdomades.

Russia has been impressive, it can’t be easy fighting a proxy war against several superpowers and winning. Whilst we have inflation and an energy crisis to worry about Russia will carry on as normal. The west is fucking itself.

>Armies don't have deadlines
not necessarily true at all. depends on a number of variables

The Russians have pushed our shit back in with sanctions. But you're used to this already, no? What, is this the third time already?

>several superpowers
There are only two superpowers, idiot. And China is staying neutral.

Hey if russia today says so.

Armies don't have deadlines. Not in the way OP means. End of September etc. You may say that you should move to point A by X o'clock or take fortification B by Y time, but that's it. All armies that put deadlines (eg Nazis) failed in the end.

what Russian sanctions lol. Nobody cares. Its -3 at most and we got warm jackets. I gladly be slightly uncomfortably cold if that means Russians being killed

Il just say nato then, Russia are fighting a SUPER superpower and winning.

> Hey if russia today says so.
You'll know better what Russia says. I don't read Russian propaganda.

The deadline for the ukraine operation was literally three days.

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That really shows how retarded Germans became. It's really pathetic. It's not about you having heating or being cold you fucking moron. It's about your industries not bearing the load of increased prices. Get back to work while you still have a job.

All that the US gave Ukraine was manpads, HIMARS, and guided rockets for their planes.
If the US gave Ukraine a dozen F-35s they would literally annihilate the entire Russian army in a few days.

As always, whatever comes out of glowniggers' ass, you suck it dry. Not even a drop falls on the floor.

>3 lumps of coal have been credit to your account

You really are pathetic aren’t you ? America has applied pressure to the point you are willing to collapse your economy’s and freeze all to beat the evil Russians….this really is clown world

BGC and fpbp
Name a more iconic duo

Who would fucking fly them? You know how much training a pilot needs? What's with all the fucktards here.

Is this the last dead line or the last warning?

Yeah man fuck Russians. My grandfather froze to shoot Russians and so will I

Yeah, russia and their propagandist bootlickers have a world famous reputation as great truth sayers. KEK.

Banans won't harvest themselves

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You're a useless fat cunt. What will you shoot them with, brooms provided by Von der Retard?

according to an Ukrainian official...

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>has reportedly
Aren't these supposed to be the... uh... reporters? Who reports to the reporters?

You have no idea what you are talking about.

>according to a Ukrainian military official
Sounds totally real and accurate.
That's some good journolisming

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stfu pathetic angry turk. You don't understand what it is like to be resilient

>Your rage and denial is just delicious
You didn't take your meds today?


Yes because the world is literally USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and the fucking jews. Who gives a fuck what {{{world}}} says.

Ukraine already has seasoned pilots.
To train them on using 5th gen aircraft would be take more than a couple of months.
US isn't doing this cause they war is not fun if it finishes it ends in a few days. Artillery duels ftw

Bullshit your a Jew. Only Jews want this war.

If this is impressive id love to see what you class as an abject failure lmao

Seethe harder tankie, your monkey failed.

>"/chug/ and /uhg/ are reddit"

Putin is doing “this” according to Ukrainian official. —give me a break.

>𝘈ll W𝘢rf𝘢re Is B𝘢sed on Deception — Sun Tsu

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I don't understand the point of arguing with paid shills like this. Wven if you provide them with undisputabled evidence they're still gonna deny it.


Who gives a fuck what an insane nigger mongol coven and their frustrated ass kissers say?

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Russia will pull the ultimate deception on us. They will retreat back to russia, point at the camera and say it was all just a prank. I called it here, guys

No you just hold putlers cock

Insert tranny gore below……

Nah he's playing hoi and grinding xp so he can make better unit templates before mobilisation

>>The deadlie is up
putin is first responsible for these delays:
why did not bombed the communication routes on the Dnepr river ? what is he wating for ? why sending his greeting to the fucking queen and king of jewngland ? his ties with kissinger and other international jewish oligarchs are the proof he is sabotating the russian army from the inside.

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They'll be left in Ukraine to get blown up by Mavics dropping 3d printed bombs.

Rollin for thai bride in Russia

Pro-Ukranians are from reddit, yes.

KEK. Germany was created in 1871. Your "empire" consisted of retarded polaks and some baltniggers. The Greeks have kept their traditions and language through thousands of years. Talk to your roach buddies about resilience, maybe they buy it.