What do we do about the pajeet problem?

>buy video streaming services in Australia
>top movies category
>number 1 is Indian
>go to other streaming service
>top 10 has 2 Indian movies
You all call us China, but we aren’t, we are god damn India. The worst house on my street is occupied by Indians, male, 10 of them in one house, 20-40 year olds, all of them taxi drivers.

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Have you tried not being an NPC

Africa for Africans
Asia for Asians
Antarctica for Antarcticans
White countries for everybody

>what is indochina
same thing different eyes

Sorry I need to stay up-to-date with pop culture.

Understand that it is not the problem but the solution

Accept your fate and watch the movies

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Damn why can't indian bitches look like that

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I couldnt ever watch a show where the leads arent white.

hey bro
I hate to be the one to tell you this
but just because some anglos drop some criminals off on a continent next to asia a few hundred years ago, doesn't mean it belongs to them forever
there was no legitimate reason for anglos to have ever been in australia
it was always, 100%, eventually going to become an asian colony and continent
it is right next to asia, china/india were always going to occupy and use it as their land to grow
anglos having set up a civilization there just means they probably wont fight a war over it
anyways you have no rights and are basically niggercattle peasants
you won't do anything, you will be replaced, nobody will care, chinks or poos will re-write history at some point and erase white europeans from it completely except for being evil and being conquered or something

You know, I think you’re close to completely right

Can someone post vid of that Indian cunt eating cow shit?

Australia for Abrotines i.e. Indians. Whites have no claim to anything other than Europe. If they all go back to Europe we can leave them alone. Otherwise stop bitching.

They do.

You're gonna have to get used to it as white people are going bye-bye.

No chance faggot. I will kill any chink or paki count that comes anywhere near my land. They’re weak as piss. I could bash ten Indians and ten Asian cunts blindfolded.

They're relatively close tho.

You might try that but India adds one Australia to its population every year. So..unless your women can compete on the birth rate...you will still lose.

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>Wah wah you will be replaced
I get it, you're jealous that your country which has existed in some form for millenia could not even compare to the vast brilliance of a prison colony that's existed for little over 2 hundred years

Unfortunately for you, our institutions are long lasting and long after I or any of my countrymen are gone, justice, fairness and the rule of law will prevail. Who knows what will become of your little antiquated enigma, in which even just recently someone was sent to prison for being rude to the monarch. How wondefully democratic.
I'll admit our country isn't perfect, rights and liberties can certainly be a problem but it's little wonder why so many wish to live here, we are perhaps an oasis in the pacific in regards to freedom, honesty and incorruptibility.

I thought we were a Chinese colony

They are everywhere. Stinking up the shopping centres. There’s none where I live luckily. They’re more in the poor areas. My instinct is to want to smash them. They look like vermin. The women are dog ugly too.

Chinese colony with Indian characteristics.

>Try it madachod!

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I’ll smash you and butt fuck your little brothers Banchod. Go back.