Bros every single week food is getting 10% more expensive for 10% less volume. Shit I fucked...

Bros every single week food is getting 10% more expensive for 10% less volume. Shit I fucked, that Polish "Canada is Collapsing" faggot meme this shit into reality and every single reply to those threads reinforced that reality, it used to be a meme, it's not a meme anymore.

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the humungus was kind in reporting on your dire state

i don't think it is

I got $100 worth of groceries for $20 yesterday. I do it almost everyday. Grocery store in a small town. They have to bring in stuff that won't sell and I scoop it up. I grab up all $1-off coupons I find and when they try to clear something I have a coupon for I clean them out. One time everything was 99 cents and I had dollar off coupons, I've had negative on the register before. They won't pay it though.
Anyway this country sucks.

Last trip:
Sunflower oil was $8 for 3L, now $12.
20lbs potatoes was $8, now $9 for 10lbs.
Big block of cheese was $15, now $30.
Other items up 20-30%.
Gas for the trip was $1.20/L, now $1.90/L.

Fuck liberals and their covid scam and Russian war.

Told you to take advantage of the peaceful trucker protest. It only gets worse the longer you shirk your duties as a man.

>Sunflower oil $12
Sunflower oil $20**

12 Large eggs was $3.49
Now 4.69

4L of Milk was $4.59
Now $5.69

Holy shit, I hate this fucking country. The boredom, the high prices of everything, the mental retards, the druggies, the drunks, the pedophiles.
Just a pure haven of shit.

Holy fuck I hate my grandparents for coming to this poverty shit hole.

These fucking Canadiens had NOTHING compared to USA and Europe. They lived like pioneer prisoners until the 1950s.

The cheese is fucked, yesterday I saw someone with their friend and they were picking a "fancy" cheese for a special occasion, real sad shit.

i can revive those threads if you want?

I can't imagine the line is too far from cutting a lot of people off into straight up homeless poverty tier taking loans to afford rent while working a $20/h job. Don't know how single parents would be able to do anything. "Why isn't this generation have kids?!?!".

It's alright I saw someone collapse-posting earlier today.

This country is unironically fucked. Milk is even going up close to 50% in less than a year. Even fucking children's cereal at shelf price is double now. Yet the news reports record crop yields in Canada. We're getting fucked not by our supply but by our government's greed. This is gonna be a long winter, but possibly a fun one if we play the cards right.
Pic related.

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>"Why isn't this generation have kids?!?!"
Cause Canada is mostly gay men. The women are tErRiFiEd of males cause of being diddled by their uncle and University. They only date black refugees as well.

Is there going to be another gay dance party in Ottawa this winter. The last one was fucking stupid and accomplished nothing.

Go to Walmart first thing Tuesday morning (or whatever their local shipping day is).


Communist shit hole.

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Based leaf scavenger eating other people's discarded groceries to survive

I think the next response wont be dancing if the government continues on its path of destroying Canada and abusing its citizens.




Holy fuck I hate Canaduh

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>I think the next response wont be dancing if the government continues on its path of destroying Canada and abusing its citizens.
I'm sure the plebs in Cranaduh will do "something about it eh?"

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>blaming Any Forums for the pedoElite sterilizing and starving canadian plebs
Hey now

Global food shortage because of jewkraine and WEF having the ability to kick us while everyone is down. You better pray the war ends and jewlensky has his head put on a pike or its only going to get worse for everyone because our industries are all in china

Slave revolts are very successful, that's why only one has ever succeeded in all of recorded history!

canadian grocery store jew faggot strikes again
i bet your the same fat fucking jew that moved in to my building recently lol

IMO The only revolts that will work now is str8 up ruining luxury establishments/venues/mason lodged/talmudic synagogues/and wealthy neighborhoods-estates. I can't afford to eat? No golf for you