Seeing this makes me terrified of AI. This is literal magic. What the hell is going on?

Seeing this makes me terrified of AI. This is literal magic. What the hell is going on?

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its unironically over for artbros

Can't figure out if goyim cattle is praising this AI nonsense organically but probably not.

>Seeing this makes me terrified of AI.
You wanted transhumanism
Now you fear it?

I'm not praising it. It looks demonic.

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damn the ai be playing fortnite and shit

Transhumanism is evil and the people who lust for it are mentally ill.

It's fucking generic overload of bottom shelf nonsense.

that wasn't even impressive. the result was shit too.

>procedurally generating a skyscraper that would fall down in an instant


Im glad all the faggot hipster lefties that spent over $100k for an art degree just to get clapped by a computer program

except it's not a skyscraper
dumbass ai

Integrate it with augmented reality glasses. You can make all sorts of things with it, every man on earth will be powerful. Connect with 5g so the glasses don't need a powerful computer, but instead the computing will be done someplace else.

Hell you can even already do this with your phone.

>first look at totally new tech in its beta stages
>YAWWWN it’s not THAT impressive
This is some impressive cope. More impressive still is that I can’t tell what you’re coping about.

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Fuck yeah, in a few years I'll be able to get all the degenerate furfaggotry porn I want in a matter of minutes without paying any artists
What a time to be alive

It’s a brave new world

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>first they came for the artbros, but I didn't say anything because I was not an artbro
Enjoy the fourth industrial revolution bruv

procedural tech is nothing impressive and AI is forever in beta stage since it cannot achieve sentience or anything other than spamming threads with paraphrased google prompts.

>its demonic
Well also entirely astroturfed.

You are trying to combine Any Forums's meme power with AI, its going ok, but we are not making new memes with it we can only recreate old ones.

AI is inherently uncreative, all these images require the human guiding hand.

6 months ago, any of this would have sounded like sounded like fantasy. This stuff is moving extremely fast.

Can you give me an explanation of how this is made?
I'm somewhat familiar with stable diffusion, but I don't get the specifics of this kind of thing.

>What the hell is going on?

I think the big WTF moment of the last few days was thanks to picrel, at least for the majority of us while the ones that are more interested in AI stuff kinda predicted this already a few years ago.
Over the last years and even decades we knew of the potential of computers and AI and we had the thought that AI will help us to automate boring stuff - things that need to be done manually. People always got told, that first it starts with < 100 labour IQ jobs @amazon, bruger flippers, whatever. And then, maybe in a century, they will be powerful enough to even help for creative tasks; creativity was always seen as like the 'holy grail', something only humans are capable of.
What we came to realize the past few weeks and what kind of even crashed my whole picture of AI and humans was, that this isn't true. The AI is able to automate everything; kind of turning this idea upside down where first manual jobs are being replaced and later after a long time also creative jobs. What we're seeing right now is that especially creative jobs are being impacted by AI.
For me it feels like I have been told over many years that Santa isn't real - but suddenly he's standing right in front of me.

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