Is there a silent die-off?

Is there a silent die-off?

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My coworker’s 3 neighbors died THIS YEAR, old people who got spooked into jabbing up. Shit ain’t silent nigga

>*vax mandate*
>"The great resignation"
>vax induced brain fog and endless sick leave
>"Quiet quitting"
Any Forums is always right
you only need to read between the lines

die off of what? is this more anti-vax schizophrenia?

Pol didn't predict any of that


Begone shill
It’s not like you were paying attention anyway

You need a booster my friend

No, we predicted ALL of it. Now get your next jew juice injection.

> shill
> jew juice
Just more schizophrenic language.

>2 MoRe WeEkS
is about the best thing the israeli shills using dutch flags can say at this point

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2 more weeks!

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For us it's frequent ambulance sirens and random bakeries and shops just dropping like flies. It's definitely happening but it's just damn near impossible to get anyone to acknowledge it.

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a vaccine made by jews, funded by jews, at a company owned by jews, lead by a jew, using jewish media to brainwash the population into getting an injection for a nonexistent disease that kills them.

Would you prefer the term semitic concoction, shill?


The photo was taken from one of the top floors on the Galaxy Towers in Long Beach CA facing east

when I travel, it's
>2018: a maid will make up your room daily
>2022: someone will bring fresh towels and drop them outside your door, but we will only make room on request
it's happening
it feels like about six months left before it all falls apart, tops

Yes /pol did you Melbournite tranny.

> jooz
> jooz
> jooz
yeah you're a retard

I watched 4 people drive their cars into poles, medium barriers etc in the last 6 months.
Literally only ever seen one accident of that type prior to this.

Its totally fine brahs don't believe the chuds- every vax paid poster ever.

> nazi flag
> not a deranged unhinged jew obsessed moron

>Is there a silent die-off?
The Big Tech and the MSM is silencing it, so yes it is silent.

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>2 more weeks!
It's already been happening for 2 years.

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nice, I only use facebook to date
I get my news from Any Forums

I never mentioned Jews, that was you.
Contrary to when you were sucking off you Rabbi and he was telling you "how the world is" the Nazis spent very little time on Jews, your a side note in history. It's your narcissism that has you insist otherwise.

>newfag tourist gives shit opinion

>newfag tourist 100% proves he is a kike

I thought we established this when we realized Covid isn't what is killing people. I wouldn't say it's silent. I would call that a front, and at this point who knows.

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