Riddle me this

If China is so evil then where are all the proxy wars, foreign coups and overseas military actions?

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the silence speaks for itself

They simply can't, it would end the "One China" narrative and their request to not interfere in their country. Also basically half of Africa is in their hands today and they are working hard to take some control in South America too. They just don't do it with soldiers, but with debt.

For context, I worked for a company who was member n.8 in the SRCIC.

Vietnam and North Korea. They can't project any further than that. They will probably start doing that in Africa soon enough

They built and are building tons of infrastructure in Africa already years ago.

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> foreign coups

Mercenaries. They mainly blow up niggers in africa so who cares, mining operations and mercenaries alike

>What is Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and occasional shit starting in Vietnam and Korea?

Acting on immediate borders is different
if Tibet is not Chinese then USA should give most its land to the natives or stop talking

you mean China
you mean China
>Hong Kong
you mean China
mutt, really?
how often did China attack them?

its incredible that China even allows Hong Kong to exist. by rights they should be just another chinese city.
hats off for China, for being such cool guys.

>he doesn't know about chinese debt traps
Chinese are thieves and liars not warriors, they're the jews of the East.

The Kike Of The Orient.

Sometimes one not look to outside face to see evil, but look to inside see. - Confucius

Chinks are retarded borderline not human, their society is absolutely disgusting and antithetical to any man who values his life and dignity. But they never fucked with Poland, they did get caught with espionage but who isnt spying on each other these days.

Oh no, let's not gain influence by building infrastructure and debt traps. Instead, let's bomb the shit out of them, cause a coup and kill their civilians to take over and 20 years later evacute with a big L

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Iran is under heavy Chink influence, Africa.

Why dont they just not pay?

Nay, the IRGC is too fiercely protective of it's economic turf. This won't change going forward.

He forgot what IMF is
You act like that has never happend in the past. IMF.