In response to the accusations of the European Parliament that Hungary is a hybrid autocratic regime...

>In response to the accusations of the European Parliament that Hungary is a hybrid autocratic regime, Orban called Europe an energy dwarf.
oh no no no euromanlet bros, did we get too cocky?

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What does it even mean

>The Hungarian Prime Minister said that the EU sanctions in the energy sector are unnatural, they are introduced by "dwarfs against the giant"
Orban is sucking your energy cock, be thankful

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Hungary is a superpower, the EU should be very careful not to piss them off.

He plays all-in. If the EU won't have gas in the winter he wins. Otherwise his cardboard castle collapses.

We will annex you soon!

pls no.

the eu already short of gas
america is not increasing it's production
nor the arabs
eu cucks are screwed

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yes, the power of the EU are euro-gibs, but if it's more attractive to have gas than to have euro-gibs, and the euro turns worthless, it's over for them

That the EU is a impotent manlet

Means the westoid cvcks have to stand on their tippy toes just to suck the electric cocks of their hung aryan betters.

well then
we let the africans have you

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they are just jelly of their electricity

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It's over. You will never impress a female with your energy

I guess Orban is taking his Reddit-tier levels of diplomacy from Putin by not calling out the past known JQ cancers?

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All your colgate belongs to us!

A big part of this trend is due to price controls, which are only a band-aid most of the time. And a sign of a coming shortage.

No they don't you are replacing our gas anyway and oil to follow

We'll see.
inb4 David beats Goliath only in fairy tales.

i thought you had enough gas through south stream 1, is it reduced or too expensive?

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>you are replacing our gas anyway and oil to follow
true that americhads keep winning, but what gas volume can they provide, and at what price? it's over for eurodwarfs either way

Means you've played your cards on sabotaging European hegemony you dumb filthy jew.

>autocracy is when the left loses
I hate these faggots.

putin has gas

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Probably for the best, maybe Europe finally drop their socialist bullshit

We do, but it would be more informative to look at how much the service providers get it for, rather than the households. The flatness of the line is due to a price cap, which removes information from the chart. I like to not freeze in the winter, but price caps are never a good sign. We currently have some on essential groceries as well.