Is Russia done for?

>almost complete failure in Ukraine
>its military ally Armenia is being attacked and Russia does absolutely nothing to help even though according to the alliance Russia is forced to defend Armenia militarily if it is attacked
>former Soviet central asian countries which are all supposed to be under Russian sphere of influence have begun military conflicts with each other and Russia once again is incapable of intervening
Seems to me that with the failure in Ukraine a big part of the world have called Russia's bluff and it is open season on various Russian allies and spheres of influence regions. It is highly doubtful that Russia could manage to defend Armenia if it wanted, nor do I think they could send forces to central Asia to extinguish the tensions there.

What the fuck is Russia supposed to do now? If they do not turn the war in Ukraine in a decisive way then they clearly will lose much of its credibility as a military power.

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I would just wait. The hohols fell into a typical trap where bio weapons have been deployed. Might take weeks or months to see the effects. With 100k soldiers sitting on the Russian border waiting for marching orders, understand that this territory was given for a reason.


>almost complete failure in Ukraine
any more complete failures like that and kacaps will be sieging berlin again

1m milion ukies and 350k nato soldiers are waiting in poland and will advance to russia through belarus

>understand that this territory was given for a reason.
I understand it was. You just think it was given with their consent.

Retreating back beyond the safety of a river is not an epic military tactic to create a trap. It is just a retreat.

>almost complete failure
is it me or swedish cunt doesnt understand what "complete" means. Aside from that fuck off to your tranny discord

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They should use there bombers help Armenia


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Yeh, King is naked, Russia turned out to be shit. All those Asian shitholes now realised that Daddy USA would easily be able to defend them with his hands tied and eyes closed, so there's no reason to stick around the rotting corpse of USSR

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He clearly does, since he prefixed it with the word "almost".

Putin wants a Russian Natinal state. He doesn't care, he only wants Eastern Ukraine.

I'm already thinking how it should be occupied. We should definitely get Pskov, would be the second Estonian liberation of Pskov.

10% of your captured territory got retaken by ukraine in a week you stupid vodkanigger

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>Het only wants central russia anyway no reason to keep Sochi

>russian flag
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their "elite" unit that was meant to destroy any nato unit was annihilated beyond repair

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What would you barking about when ukies beat back the Donbas region at all? Deoccupied territory extends forward every day.

1st guards tank army

how's that nato application going bjorn?

> This is what you get if you allow pedophile commie manlet to rule you for over 20 years. to these nazi.
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i think only 5 countries have not ratified us yet

>almost complete failure in Ukraine
This isn't actually true. Russia is winning the war.

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really? lets try to analyze this shit show for once between ourselves instead of jumping to tranny fag provocations.

Let's roll back clock to initial operation start. I will write everything as it is, dont care if your narrative is different and dont care Ukrops winning or we are losing.

Initial combat what we did capitalize on
1. Combined Forces
2. Various insertions in different places
3. Kherson and Marioupol
4. Anti-Russian sentiment

Western capitalization
1. Heroic homeland defence
2. Media warfare
3. Western help(or how useful it is)
4. Destruction of our(Russian)
5. Bandit behavior, de-humanization of Russian Army
6. War crimes
7. Civil warfare

with these i would say earlier map changes didnt match with kill record Ukrops provided and vice versa we didnt fought against well dug in opponent other than Kherson and Marioupol. Massive media warfare. For example we edited bunch of photos and videos and Ukraine edited bunch of photos and videos. I checked "destruction" proof daily other than few prime examples (like Javelin vs tank videos) i cant find anything concrete to hang on. Too many T64BVs for example, which is Ukrainian main battle tank and we use T72Bs(or variants) as main battle tank with T80Us and such. What is amazing here is initially other than getting bogged down in central city areas we restored LDNR land almost entirely, which doesnt include Kharkov Oblast btw. So it is crucial to say here Ukraine capitalized any kind of victory on heroic level and yes they even fabricated some like us.

That's being said, lets move on to Kharkov, massive Ukrainian offensive on multiple fronts. Now what i dont get is, media support suddenly lacking, if i should believe what Ukrops say, we should see thousands of dead bodies and surrendering soldier with destroyed military equipment. What we are seeing is few handful pictures of rusted scrap metal, along with equipment captured, WHICH Ukrainians forces also operates.