Please invest in Poland

Please invest in Poland
We have hundreds of abandoned palaces, mansions and old noble estates

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They are all german and we are going to take them back.

Ahh this will be perfect to accommodate the new Poles™

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There is a reason no sane person wants to live in Poland.

Sorry, we're all broke.

>Please invest in Poland

Foreigners aren't allowed (apart from pakis & turks opening restaurants in Krakow it seems)

>There is a reason no sane person wants to live in Poland.

too white for you chaim?

Build by russians and germans

if you can afford a palace then you can find a way

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No thanks you can not trust the Polish government to do something stupid once you spend money to fix those.

Listen. Look at my flag. Can you see it? Even I would rather die than move to Poland.

If they were white they would act that way, but they don't. Also you can act British but everybody knows you're a toilet cleaner working there as no sane brit would defend a pole.

>Country falling appart
>Buys 500 HIMARS

Germans yes
But Russians? lmao. Russians didnt build shit
If you look up history of former Russian Poland in XIX century, you will find only surnames of Polish noble landowners

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Sure, i've got £1.3 million, who do i need to bribe?

You’re fucking retarded, you Prussians were our slaves if anything, originally.

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Looks nice, but soon the Russians will overrun Europe and stand at the Rhine.

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Now a Moskal retard.

P.S. The eternal Germ-Moskal butthurt alliance against Poland instinctually lives on.

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oh no its this retarded poster again
please ignore him

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Fuck off schlomo. Polacken niggers never had anything than german kings, and were themselves fiefs of the fucking Turkroaches. Useless niggers of Europe.

What can I get for 3,161,694.55 zloty?

>you Prussians were our slaves
best polish cope itt

Please do, if you have the money.

Too many jews around scare any investor who isn’t looking for easy gibs, crime or scams.

t. brazilian

Z polski sie ucieka i zrzeka obywatelstwa, a nie w nia inwestuje, polskie biedaczki

Shouldn't have spent so many years sucking Jewish penis. Now you get to be culturally enriched like the rest of us, enjoy.

Only one. Cheap Ukrainian whores.

Jerzy pls

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>investing in the next country to be invaded by russia
no thanks kek

i love poland and spend 1/ 3 of my year there, will buy a farm there when BTC hits 100k, produce some foods and animals, unsure of the polish female tho, they seem very interested in money but how sustainable is that, must also find out how the family courts work there, must also be a female who doesnt want to leave poland, probably the biggest issue, they love germany for weird and insane reasons "muh work, muh order" bitch you got zis farm, shut your fronthole, poland stronk