Its ogre

hope you bought silver, food, and ammo

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Boy if I had a nickel for everytime it was over I would buy a building and be a landlord

No link, no nothing. Just plenty of unanswered questions. There you go boys, 300+ replies requested

these kind of crashes always give me warm blissful feeling in my heart, it's better than sex
>i had a lot of sex so i may be bias, the sensation kinda wear down on me

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Oh no, a company that delivers a shit service is losing value, what a tragedy.
Fuck off burgermutt.

>dur, can someone give me a link to the pre-market orderbook, dur

Here ya go
>The company that delivers everything to the online consumer and small business just slashed its forecast and lost 20%
I'm sure this is meaningless.

FedEx has always been dog shit and now they have competition that is leaving them utterly in the dust.
If they collapse you'll hear no complaints from me, or anyone, because FedEx is a shit company. Fuck FedEx and fuck you.

>the stock photo macaco from Any Forums posts his garbage in Any Forums too
Quick, post the orange juice one, its my favourite you filthy brown animal lol

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>poverty rage
>incel rage
>chud rage

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A real crash would be if Dow Jones went to 18k.
Dow Jones is currently 30.961,82, Its basically a few pips from ATH.

Happening bros, its not happening.

UPS which is union is still going strong

they slashed their forecast because consumer discretionary spending is expected to go down.
consumer sentiment is releasing at 10am, after market open, i expect a big reversal if the numbers are good.

Define "good"

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Today will be an interesting trading day for sure

That's not the orange juice one. Come on macaco, post the right one this time!

>hope you bought silver, food, and ammo

I do too, the vast majority of people really cannot comprehend what is coming.

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poverty is one hella drug

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anything over 58.6 as that's the 'forecast', if we see over 60 it's off to the races. SPX is down bad today too because of a rise in the DXY. also it's triple witching day so watch the VIX

Bot conmenr

Yes, yes. Quite. CBD is down today, THC off the charts, very high. SUX and DIX, lots of ABC on a wizard threesome day. FUD and YOLO is tricky. Check the BOGO and FOMO on these.

some of the most ass ugly useless watches i've ever seen. and people spend thousands on them lmfao

>poverty is one hella drug

Based narco

Store of Value.