Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences

leftcucks are finally getting fucked by the laws they loved so much

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Imagine simping for royals. Kankerlul.

>be brit
>get internet
>see all the free speech coming from americans
>want free speech like them
>start speaking freely
>get arrested


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>be american
>get internet
>see brits try to use free speech
>see brist arrested
>wish you could arrest people for speech
>start voluntarily censoring platforms and organizing attacks on people who use free speech
the internet just makes things worse

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They bring in vastly more than it costs to keep them.
Seethe, toothpaste.

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Turns out hate speech was free speech

If you said anything else you get arrested.

If I did it at the cunt's funeral procession maybe, but fortunately I'm not a seething cunt like you.

based. Obey your Lord and master.

I'm simping for the British educated upper class: Tories and Royals. The British working class is as good as Russian gopniks.

Norferners are literally a different species

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Culturally, I think, I'm closer to The Telegraph and Financial Times audience minus the Ukrainian question and wokery in the FT.

Daily Mail and The Guardian audiences are both quite retarded.

>DNA in west yorkshire is unique within the entire UK.

But not very unique for Mirpur, pakistan

if you can't respect core values of a country then they should get out. glad they were arrested.

they (leftists) made it illegal so now they get to reap the effects of the law. Fucking good. Who gives a shit?

Yorkshiremen are actually of part Roman descent. So they're basically black.

British people used to have some class now they are all pigs

What about people from Lancashire?

Oh now we're having free speech concerns? Not when a tweet can ruin your life? Not when you can't say anything negative about non-whites?