Dark Brandon

How do we stop him?

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Are Russia and China truly our only allies now bros?

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Still trying to shill this?

A set of stairs

Naw man, they got rid of stairs now. They're learning and evolving.

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You don't

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The meme already fizzled out.

Stop him?

Go dark Brandon go!!

The trains are running on Dark Brandon power.

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The democrats don't want to talk about the economy, the stock market, the war in Ukraine, inflation, the US border crisis or LGBT2S because the democrats poll poorly on all of these subjects with the large majority of American voters.
Biden's red devil speech was an attempt by the democrats to create a narrative to run on this election season. They want to create a monster to distract voters from the democrats unpopular positions. The MAGA threat to "our democracy" is intended to distract from the real issues and energize anyone they can in the mid terms. It also gives the media, which is wholly in the hands of the democratic national committee and the Biden administration, something to talk about besides the Biden administrations failures.
The American people rate the Biden administration very poorly on every issue that is most important to Americans. The Biden administration and their media are desperate to create an issue to run on in the upcoming midterms.
Inner city violence, the Afghanistan withdrawal, politicizing of the military, every issue is a disaster for the Biden admin

What spawned this creature?

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Didn't see this mug for a while.

economy, stock market and inflation are all the result of covid and Trump's handling of it. Though I doubt anyone else being President would have changed the outcome much, it was going to be a bad outcome no matter who was at the helm. Either way, These are all issues Biden inherited. Even the withdrawal from Afghanistan was Trump's decision that Biden was left to make happen despite everyone knowing how it would turn out, at the end of the day we shouldn't have even been there in the first place.

Everything is what Biden inherited from the previous administration. That's not to say he's not deserving of criticism for any number of other things, but Republicans are keen to focus the narrative of making all of Trump's mess, Biden's fault.

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Why contain it?
Let it spill to the schools and churches let the cringe pile up on the streets.
In the end they beg us to stop it.

>fed forcememe

By pointing out this meme is just a copy of Dark Maga


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This is a forced meme a blue haired 13 year old with two moms invented


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