This is what ChristLARPERS on this board look like

It really do be like that tho.

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A true Christian love the Jews and hate tranime. We don't really hate fags since they are victims of tranime. We love Jews because despite of being portraited as evils by tranime faggots, they still save the world.

How do I subscribe to this guys newsletter

I don’t have a problem with the pope or helping refugees. At all. I do have a problem with heretical synods trying to reverse some of the church’s most ancient teachings, though.

>Jesus is the messiah. He fulfilled the prophecies. No, not the one about uniting the world under one religion. God doesn't like blacks and Mexicans. No, not the one about leading the Jews back to Israel and destroying their enemies.

Rabbi Jeusha teaches to go against most of society’s beliefs which is politically incorrect

> Catholicism

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Fuck the pope.
He's a CEO more than anything. He's the charismatic face of an empire. He's not some man trying to achieve/teach enlightenment.

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economic migrants are not refugees
nowhere in the bible did christ imply that individuals should sacrifice to make people looking for government handouts more comfortable

christlarpers are even more pathetic than actual christfags. all americans to literally nobody's surprise

>you're not allowed to point out that I'm a hypocrite unless you give worshipping dead jews a try

christcuckery is coping mechanism of the low IQ community that can't succeed in society and in life because of their stupidity and ugly appearances
so they cope by believing they can do nothing but worship a thing then be good forever and ever in heaven
literally no different from blowing yourself up to get 72 goat virgins

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What about the fact that the current Pope rides in a private jet with hot babes and thinks gender is fluid?

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>I don’t have a problem with the pope or helping refugees
yeah ... you're a christcuck

Usually Christians are brainwashed during childhood and they're too afraid to question it or leave it behind.

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Forever salty
Forever unhappy

Protestantism is just as gay as any other form of christcuckery. It's the reason Prague has so many sandniggers right now!

so it's okay if we get replaced by beaners as long as they don't ask for handouts?


>life is about being happy
James 4:4

hic est advocatus diaboli

Sounds based desu

tu est asinus


Fags, all of you.

Evidently, Bruce is an educated man. Now I really hate him.