Imagine, having a united powerful nation-state for European LATINS?

Like ancient Rome or Napoleonic empire, but rather nationalist than expansionist, with the goal to create perfect conditions specifically for their own people.
No muslims, nigers, gypsies, russkies and other migrant bioscum. The only recognized minorities are the Basques, Bretons and Maltese, who have their own autonomies. White migrants are allowed into the country, but after careful screening and without any legal status for their original nationality. The same goes for the germ, slavic and nafri minorities in the border areas. Those who are ready to fully assimilate will be given full citizenship without any discrimination, but those who decide to chimp out for their identity will be forcibly deported from the country. The state is ready to give you everything as to the Romans, but nothing as to the barbarians. And, yes - there will not be a SINGLE mosque in the country.
The Latin population, by default, enjoys a full package of civil rights, and in their administrative units two languages are studied at a mandatory level - the local Romance and Latin.
The government is represented by a one-party National-Syndicalist regime. Communism and leftist ideologies in general are banned in the country and their followers are severely persecuted.

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I'm American and this doesn't concern me.

Okay but explain how places like Italy, Spain and Portugal will thrive/survive without Nordic gibs?

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Let me guess: you’re a dumb obese cat lady, who is also some mystery mutt spic shitskin, with her origins in south or central america, yet living somewhere in Europe.

No. Btw, speaking of Latinos - White Argentines, Quebecers and Uruguayans can easily migrate to the country and acquire citizenship. As for other Hispanics, then only through severe filtration (if the proportion of mongrelness does not exceed 15%).

Big countries and governments will never work

You know you're larping, right? This isn't some DnD game, you know. Quit being a turbo faggot and get a job.

I agree. Three regions. Iberia, Francia, Italia. A trium-virat to bind the whole stuff together.

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Mueh. It's Gallia.

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Thanks latin bro. Can't wait. In patris nostris vis.

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I christen thee Novafrica

we don't want the french


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>i’m not brown I swear!
>but I want brown people to migrate here! They can even be high yeller octoroons!
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