Its not too late to still do this. We need to build an underground nuclear bunker. Let's get it done

Its not too late to still do this. We need to build an underground nuclear bunker. Let's get it done.

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Who gets to own it?
I'm not working for any pol cause unless I get paid.

you wont die to nuclear bombs
thats your pay

I'd rather die.

>be stuck in a bunker with a bunch of autistic manchildren
Yea I rather just vaporize than live in that lord of the flies commune

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will there be internet access?

imagine the smell

based jew

"I'd rather die than do manual labor"


I would probably end up eating all of them, not because of starvation, but they would piss me off having to deal with them long enough I'd just snap and start ripping chunks out of people one day out of the blue.

I hope you eat my cock

No, but i will bring my DVD porn collection and a Gameboy with 4 games so you won't need the internet!

There appears to be a gigantic mutant spider hiding in the one you posted. A few questions.
1-will we have one of these guarding the entrance?
2-where do we get such a large spider?
3-if anyone starts acting retarded will they be fed to the spider?
4-if no one acts retarded, what will we feed the spider?
5-is it possible for a man to fuck this spider to create a human spider army?
Please reply.

you get 2 burgers, ok?

Buy some land and a tunneling machine and you can make fallout irl.

Thank you sir.
You Romas were always so generous.

I'm down I guess
I'm gonna bring a domino and some beers

This user brings up important points with pertinent questions. Please answer these OP.

>Any Forums the bunker
>source of income: neetism
>religion: national faggotrism
>vaccination status: not taken
>main source of proteins: trannie freshly removed dicks, bugs and american foreskin
>sanitary keepers: unpaid jannies

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Who will we fuck?

you can use any human flesh light in the bunker

If we make apocalyptic and chicks are scared they come for safety. Bible rules one chick per dude.

don't forget to cum in the proper cum pit, we are going to need more than what they had in the azovstal