Well Any Forums?

Well Any Forums?

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So i should just let my building stand empty?

In such situation i will just burn down my property instead of letting them take and use it

sell it you parasite

You know damn well you would do the same if you had a building

Dear commies, if you hate having to pay for your house why dont you build one of your own?

Why did you buy a building you didn't need, retard?

To who? Rentoids can't afford to buy.

If you can't sell it then you made a shitty purchase and it's your fault

Huh... Because I don't want/need/like to work? :)

Dear homeless,
If you hate freezing to death so much, then why don’t you get a real job.

Well Discord Tranny?

Why did you buy another pair of shoes?... Go be poor on Reddit

Why are leftists obsessed with landlords these days?
My humble theory is the landlords are the only persons they can't bullshit and throw a tantrum at to get it their way. It worked on their parents, it worked on their friends, it worked on their teachers... but it doesn't work on their landlords. The rent is due, and it drives them insane.

If you can't afford to buy it then having to rent is your fault.

It isn't a job, it is a property. Do you want to benefit from someone's property? Give something in exchange.
Simple as.
The only thing I can agree on is that you shouldn't create a corporation or similar to make renting a job, it should be only a personal property.

Yes, you can pay rent, that's nice. Oh, you pay rent that's more each month than a loan repayment? wow.

Can you pay every month for 12 years without making an excuse for being late one month? If you cant get a home loan its because you cant be trusted.

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because fiat goes to zero

fuck off

dear lefties, If you want a house so badly just build one your fucking self with your own supplies using your own equipment and expertise.

Sounds logical. I would also assume that they can’t grasp multi decade plans, which involve long term investment and slow payouts. For them the Buildings „are just there“ and they are not physically present for any maintenance work, so it’s all „free“

Because you deserve to be a leech because you were born rich.
>But I'm self made
If that were true you would not become a leech.

So? They just want the land, you can rot in hell with your shack


Some commie butcher becomes the biggest landlord of all, and every succors tries taking even more land and you don't see the irony of your shitty pic.
Pressing S to spit. Rest in piss, faggot mao.

You do in fact deserve gifts given to you by your parents. No one minds living in a country built by past generations, or using the technology invented by past generations, but people getting property from the previous generation - that you take issue with because you personally didn't get any. You're jealous of other people receiving gifts. When I work to give my kids a better life, you'll hate them because I didn't work to give you a better life.