Why did classical civilization end?

They we physically, intellectually, and culturally superior to modern Westerners. What happened to them, will the same thing happen to us?

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times change.

>time passes
>changes change


Isn't there a more macro explanation, like economic reasons?

in what sense did it end?

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>What happened to them, will the same thing happen to us?

It is happening right now.

Germanic albino-nigger tribes

So it's an inevitable cycle of degeneracy and entropy, it happens to every civilization?


for western rome, worthless money was a huge problem that finally shit the bed during the reign of Diocletian. then he designed this entire barter system which slowly leads to the development of feudalism in the west.

Why did they last so much longer than us, whats different?

says the magyar

Maybe, i personally dislike the word inevitable.
It implies that people should just sit on their assess and let it happen.
Death is inevitable, but this is no reason to throw your life away.

If one era failed then something was fundamentally wrong with it, which led to degeneracy taking over. Can still pick and choose the best parts of it for the future.

Well, inevitably of death is a fact. Some will react as you say, there's no pre-empting that, just like you can't pre-emp people reacting the opposite way. How people react is irrelevant, it's still worth examining how and why. What speeds up entropy, what slows it, etc.

Their languages are dead, their libraries of knowledge are lost, their gods are defaced and forgotten, their technology is lost. All that's left are incomplete, cobbled together ghosts of those things. Any part of them we resemble is weak and dilute.

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>their gods are defaced and forgotten
thats what youd think . then you constantly see shit like this

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>What speeds up entropy, what slows it, etc.

Well the theory that make most sense to me is this: as a system becomes successful it evolves in complexity, then the more complex it becomes it requires more resources to function.
Up until is no longer capable of sustaining.

As example we expend vast amount of resources in elections , bureaucracy etc.
While a primitive tribe government is basically big guy with large stick.
Farm more limited , but vastly more sustainable and capable of surviving bad times.

Christianity happened.

Decadence led to societal collapse which led to knowledge and culture being lost. Such is the cycle of life.

Semitic values and traditions meant for desert savages was imposed on Europeans and totally fucked them, we have never recovered

They burned out like everyone else does

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And maybe some weirdos or nerds know the name of what they see. No one (or so few it doesn't matter) worships what that represents. Its as hollow to people as mickey mouse; even after the rediscovery of classic culture during the renaissance, no one knows how to worship those lost gods.

Based Dharmic

christianity got along with classical civilisation for centuries
islam happened and it gets killed in less than a century