Lady Di acked

What was the point of killing her for banging a sandnigger when all of Britain tuned into a shitskin infested third world?

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The fact is she was a whore. And fucked around. Harry for example is illegitimate.

I keep hearing she banged arabs, but are there any notable articles ?

dont care lad. she died many a year before your mum even thought about shitting you out. old news.

They didn't kill her.

Bullshit they MI6ed her ass.

He was “scheduled” to be killed way before she fucked another arab on gibs.

She was at the height of her popularity. It makes no sense to kill her and make the royal family look bad. It's a schizo conspiracy.

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Royal families have been killing whore family members for thousands of years.

Almost 20 years later, no one gives a fuck about people getting assassinated.
Please continue eating your corn syrup onions pancakes, citizen. Nothing to see here

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She literally banged a Paki, Hasnat Khan. Kek. She appeared with him in public. And the guy she died next to was an Egyptian.

I dunno, I still think it's better than banging your cousin.

They are known for killing each other if you aren’t stupid or a jew and read about their history.

She wasn't assassinated.

The real conspiracy is how the media managed to manipulate the entire world, and Britons in particular, into believing that an aristocratic woman who had previously been regarded as selfish, a bit of a tart, and a poor mother, was actually a saint and hero of the proletariat. Diana was unironically the George Floyd of the 90s. It's not obvious to younger anons now, but Diana died when legacy media was at it's absolute peak power. After forty years of cultural rot, with entire generations knowing nothing else, and before the Internet. Most people in the UK didn't even have fucking cable (or the satellite equivalent) at the time.

A deliberate hysteria was whipped up over her death with the specific intention of forcing the Queen to step down and allowing the newly-elected trotskyite Tony Blair to completely rework the UK into a Republic based upon revolutionary jewish principles. It came shockingly close.

Diana herself died because she was a person who made poor life choices and surrounded herself with people who made poor life choices.

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*mass adoption of the Internet

She was a high profile hooker. Charles paid for a weekend and fell in love because he's a cuck.

Then Queen Elizabeth had her killed bc she couldn't stand the embarrassment that her good-for-nothing son wanted to be with this prostitute.

Because she pissed off the queen by doing it without her say so.

>implying Tony Blair didn't cause the assassination specifically for the outcome he desired
It's well known even in the states here at the time the man fucking hated all things toyalty

Based post desu

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It was a curse placed upon the bongs. They killed the kebab burner, they are paying for it now.