He’s Dragging You All Down

Fuentes Red Flags:
Endorses Communist China
Endorses Bolshevik Russia (Lenin, Stalin)
Endorses Putin & his failed SMO
Anti American
He is Mexican
Lives in his parents basement
Has taken millions in donations that ended up nowhere
He is very likely gay
Claims to worship Jesus
Befriends niggers

If there is one guy that glows harder than Chernobyl schoolchildren at night it is this motherfucking rat. He is obviously in with the FBI. Be careful with this faggot.

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I will never get used to it.

What’s worse is Fuentes openly endorses the Jesuits. He’s a pro Jesuit Catholic closet homo glownigger.


Fuentes has fallen so far. Unreal how he sided with milo the pedophile and Laura joomer

>spent the past 27 weeks making and participating in nick hate threads
>catboy memes getting stale
>tranny porn narrative debunked
>pedo narrative debunked
>ralph keeps winning
>kino casino down the tubes
>kF dropped by cloudflare
>Anthony cumia joining nick's platform
>eating waffles on destiny stream
>Any Forums chuds still supporting him
>cozy viewership going up
>nick popularity going up
>new documentary coming out
>jim now banned from twitter....defeated by tranny
>nothing is working
jim bros.... i don't think we're winning anymore....
I am taking the blackpill

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No one cares about this irrelevant try hard astroturfed zoomer kike controlled OP who has multiple gay shill threads filled with fake comments from their chat script at all times. These kike parasites desperately want you to pay attention to shabbos and kike “e-celebs” while sliding the board and astroturfing kikes as your leaders. This is just one example of a shill op currently taking place.

Because Fuentes is himself a bicurious closet homo manlet that will likely out himself at some point.
The point is he is damaging his followers with his weird af ideology, his calls for senseless violence and the fact that he takes millions of $ from them. He is also one of the main psyop FBI guys that try to derail right wing ideology. Usually by screaming “Christ is King” even though he doesn’t actually believe in Jesus because if he did he wouldn’t violate everything the Bible stands for.

Has he finally come out?

not like this....

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Kek imagine thinking taking on metokur, a milquetoast user that laughs at retards, was a good idea, nothing to win and everything to lose, and that stream finished fuentes as a serious person

>red flags
Okay, I won’t have sex with him then. Thanks!

>accelerationist rightoids are a meme

He's from the USA, that should have been your first clue and or red flag.

Hmm maybe Fuentes is a fed. That is a pretry convenient timeline.

My brother in Christ.
We will never win if we never find /ourguy/
Do you seriously expect to meme our way to victory?
It might have worked in 2016 but it wont work again.

We can discuss leader when we won.

>He is Mexican
He is still white?
>Anti American
He is an American patriot
>He is very likely gay
Being gay is a choice so probably not

Everyone in this thread is a faggot mentally ill tranny.
AF is inevitable. Stay MAD.

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>be austrian
>pls guys don't vote for fuentes
>I beg you, he bad
>do it for austria

You're a synagogue kike, you just don't understand.

It kind of feels like AF isn't a political movement anymore. It's more like an e-drama/entertainment thing. Which is fine, and is probably fairly lucrative for them, but it's different from what things looked like earlier in the year.

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