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launch the nukes, do it

I'm sorry sweetie, but this has been prebunked by the Moscow Times on Twitter


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Believe everything you read on the internet.

there is footage of it you dumb anglo

You do realize with all this ukranian victories they will soon experience the same equal and opposite reactions? It is the way of the universe. Ukraine is going to defeat God too?

If it's negative towards Russia, it's not true
Simple as

So let's summarize according to the "official narrative":
>Russian missile malfunctions
>Destroys a water pumping station, "some" citizens have to be evacuated due to flooding
>6 firefighters injured
How will Russians ever recover from this?

Does that mean Ukraine has invaded and is moving towards Moscow now?

This one was hilarious.

Fuck, I'm afraid. If they do this do their own citizens, think about what they would do to us!

>headline says something bad about russia
>headline says something bad about ukraine
>SO TRUE!!!!


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Proof was actually posted by Russia itself saying it was LE NATO DRONE

then why didn't you post it?
>Zelenskys penis penetrates his own asshole
theres also footage of that

>projecting my biases onto others

Post yfw when russia and yurope are killing themselves for america's benefit

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fuck NATO

Have you heard the news where ukie granpa shot down Russian fighter jet with his hunting rifle. Lmao Thé ukies and their propagandist ain’t hiding it anymore. Retarded emasculated krauts buying it like it’s Russian energy.

neck yourself

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Well i saw a video of a russian missile doing a 180 boomeran maneuver, so im pretty sure it can happen.