What do you think about trannymaxxing?

what do you think about trannymaxxing?

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Based if you were originally gay/ace
Dumb as rocks if you were straight/bi
Didnt picrel marry her best friend or something? Clearly trannymaxxing worked for her

You mean:
>dumb as fuck if originally ace/bi/gay
>based if originally straight
You can't be an incel if you're not a straight man.

>Dumb as rocks if you were straight/bi
Why? I'm incel and my life is miserable. I think life will be better as a girl. Everyone says I look like a child so it should work out, no?

Post shirtless body and /tttt/ will say if you'd be passable

It's all about face tho. The face is everything.

Body matters too but sure face is important, now post it, body showing or not

Because I have gorilla shoulders, fridge body, and short legs

how is that jaw change possible? that seems quite dramatic?

damn what a glow up for spoony

Women are peak sexy around 20-25
Men are peak sexy around 35-45
If you troon out just for the attention, you're gonna lose the long game

>Men are peak sexy around 35-45
This is bullshit. 35-45 year old women just stop receiving a lot of attention because they are old and their dating pool shrinks due to good men marrying off so their standards are lowered. I don't want my youth to be wasted being an incel just to fuck some ran-through whore in her 40s.

Are you kidding? I'm into men and I'd take a 40yo man who has his shit together and in a reasonable shape over any 20-something anyday

Hi :)

Then why haven't you done it?

Done what? I did troon out, but no man yet cause I live in an ass-backwards islamic arab country

You are just telling me to wait 20 years and then I'll start having a good time when I'm old and beginning to fall apart, I think that is absurd, user... I'd rather have a good 20s and die at 30.

Everyone says they'll die at 30, no one ever does. Dont troon out unless you really want to be a girl forever

>Transition between 25-35
>Miss out on peak women attractiveness.
>Miss out on peak male attractiveness.


>I'd take a 40yo man who has his shit together

Same; someone has to take care of me desu. I want them to be in shape and with a good paying job too tho (yes I'm terrible).


the AGP transmaxx fantasy dream life is unironically my fetish
i will never be able to live it out though

>you really want to be a girl forever
yes i would want to eternally be a girl in her early 20s. both older women and older men just look dead inside to me, when you're old things everything is all just completely shit anyways