Redo of Healer

Guys, is second season happening?

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>lets himself get ass raped like a boss

>Any Forums says this anime will shake the foundation of Twitter
>First episode we see is the MC get gay raped
>Twitter didn't even seem too give a shit about the show

I haven't kept up with the manga for over a year. Did he kill Bullet yet?

>First episode we see is the MC get gay raped
didn't you pay attention? It was all part of his plan for revenge.

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He can't be talking about Assassin Isekai so it has to be


Healerfags did in fact give a shit about twitter and claimed they were going to lose it over their homo show.

king is going apeshit
keyaru got some bunny girl buns

More likely S2 of assassin isekai

If you get raped in the ass against your will does that make you gay too?

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I'd be down with either
I was surprised the anime adapted only a single LN volume

>Any Forums
I think the only people who said that the anime is going to create a big controversy were non-readers who wouldn't have known about the series without the anime announcement, they just skimmed some pages and craved drama. Because I remember the comment sections of the places I read the manga on, and most people were having a giggle at it.
It was fun to see them get btfo, though. The anime came and go and no one gave a damn.

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So is that theory of this entire story being a massive timeloop between the MC and the princess dominating each other real or not?

Is anyone else joining the harem or is bunny girl the last one?

Best romance story ever told.

haha I'm going to let myself assraped to enact my revenge.

it's retarded

Yes, Setsuna is the best girl in the romance

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I would if I end up fucking Flair at the end.