Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

More legit subs are out. Could Adam Smasher take on Alexis?

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Just watched the Anime
Kino as hell.
If only the game wasnt shit though..... Maybe ill play it when they patched everything until we got similar stuff like in E3 2020 trailer

I dont want a Anime sequel. This one already perfect as it is.

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Do I even have to say it at this point? But a package, don't David.

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This guy framedashes in front of you and smashes your gf's ass. Wat do ?

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I warned you about Smasher. I told you dog.

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Dildo him.

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Honestly I was expecting next to nothing to this show until the first teaser came out and now it is my favorite Trigger Anime. But I'm left with a hole inside for these kind of stories so I think I'll finally watch Cowboy Bebop. That Anime could also be considered Cyberpunk, right? It also has a gang that dies in the end as far as I know.

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Everybody is talking about the finale or about Maine's death but I'm still mad about David's mom dying in the shittiest way possible.

Dude kinda loos like Sundowner from metal gear rising there. i saw on screen, and im like, he may as well go IM FUCKIN INVINCIBLE

How much does Trauma Team members make? Are they also stuck in wagie hell? I'd imagine they make much more than NCPD officers.

mommy lucy confirmed

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shows how fucked society is. A hyper example of today's american society where every aspect of life costs money.

Would you let mature women teach you bad things?

>kid with mental issues

They have decent pay. They get a bonus for every bullet shot their way during a evac too and paid leave(which is something considering Militech got voted best company in NUSA for giving it's workers 1 day of paid leave a year)

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It leans alot more into the noir aspect. It's cyberpunk technically I guess, but not much punk to be had really

RafaƂ Jaki is a Becca chad.

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I can save her

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According to google it's a dude that worked on all the Witcher games and CP. He dosen't work for CDPR anymore.

>Adam "Petite Penetrator" Smasher
>Adam "Shortstack Slayer" Smasher
>Adam "Dwarfemale Devastator" Smasher
>Adam "Cunny Killer" Smasher
>Adam "Underages' strange Uncle" Smasher
>Adam "Womanlet Wooper" Smasher
>Adam "Loli Smasher" Smasher

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Don't get involved with her, you saw what happened to David.


>I can save her
>I can save him

>saved her
>only to toss her into the depths of despair